My Own Thoughts

I do this a lot. 

I think in a weird absurd way, being along with your own thoughts can sometimes develop you as a person. It sounds weird but to me, if I just sit down and think about something and make connections and all this stuff that goes on in my brain...I end up almost brighter as a person...even though I didn't learn anything.

Ha, this probably makes no sense at all.

TheAsianSensation TheAsianSensation
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I think if one does not learn on one's own, she/he does not learn anything. Our minds need to be gathered together in one piece after millions of disturbances that we face everyday. It is extremely important to grow your personality -- by listening to your own self.

Also...forgot to click the little box ...There, done :)

No it makes alot of sense. Contemplation is in my view an important part of being human. I have trouble seeing how one could ever begin to understand their life without sitting down and having a think about it sometimes :) There is nothing weird about it at all.<br />
And if you figure something out, drawing conclusions after looking at facts, then I would say you have learned something. For example if you have made a mistake u can figure out what you should<br />
have done instead and should do next time :)<br />
<br />
Personally, I find having some time alone with my thoughts is essential for me, for my mental health. Sometimes one just needs to process...<br />
<br />
P.S. I havent made many posts here and I'd enjoy feedback so feel free guys... anyone? :P

No, it does make sense! I do it too. Heh. Or maybe we just both don't make sense, together...