A Very Personal Memoire



I do a lot of private thinking.  Running through ideas and scenarios which I would not share with anyone else.  I work through problems, develop stories and make plans.  Sometimes I make lists and notes but mostly they stay inside my head.

When I'm planning an erotic story I like to play out the scene in my head first, sometimes working through the action a few times before feeling happy with it.  Sometimes it's based on an event from real life.  I like to spend time thinking through the experience and re-living it, remembering the feelings and imagining the arousal and the sight, smell and feel of my lover's body.  The thoughts I have at those times make writing an erotic story very enjoyable of course.  I love to be alone with those very private thoughts and can then be selective about what I share in a story.  There will always be intimate parts of the real story I leave out and keep just for my own very personal memoire.  

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Thank you josie - what a lovely comment - much appreciated. Kisses to you sweetie.

Yes, so very true for me too.<br />
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I have a thought about being with WIB. Betcha I could learn a lot and enjoy learning. You seem so natural and caring and loving, it just seems appropriate.

mmm indeed brittommy - lol!!

Mmm I can almost smell your sweet scent of love mmm