In My Mind.....

A lot of things make me ask a lot of questions. Healthy thinking sometimes does not hurt the soul. Its a very nice place to be in your own thoughts and let the mind explore and analyse things out. I can't help it at times and even smile sometime when i have a good thought. Watching people going on their business is my favorite. You can tell a lot from just peoples faces, its a wonder how we can all be different, have a unique character, looks and stand out as a person, an individual. Its fascinating how the mind works and i like to challenge it. Sometimes its more like talking to myself asking and answering myself, like a best friend would. Even EP makes me think, especially when i read about others and their stories or confessions. Things that happen to all sort of people but never happened to you puts me in a deep thought. Their lives and struggles, misfortune and happiness. What i would do if it was me and what kind of life would that be for me. A lot of ex poser that sort of makes you create a picture of a situation, a place, an event or just that persons thoughts and mind frame. In the mind i find,  is the best place to be, when you need to fine tune yourself.
Mynoshh Mynoshh
31-35, M
Sep 19, 2012