I Love It!

Always in my 16 years I loved it to be alone....not the whole time but the most of it. When you are alone you can be yourself....you can have the mood you can...you can speak out loud your thoughts! Now, I like to be alone because when I enter into a deeper relationship with someone, this person will definitely hurt me. And I am a person who enter very easily into relations.....it's so difficult. Today a friend called me and asked me if I would like to come to a bar and have fun with another people that were my friends, too.....I have decided not to come.....I prefer it to be alone....now.....
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1 Response May 25, 2007

I'm not one to speak for you, as you know yourself best.. But please don't dismiss the possibility that you'll regret it later if you're too much alone. Social life will (I think I can guarantee this) be more important to you at a later point in life, and then the social skills will be important.<br />
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I, too, enjoy being alone now and then. I can more fully concentrate on practicing things then.<br />
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At least don't let the story you wrote work as an 'official confirmation', you might convince yourself that you're more of a lone wolf than you are. :)