Being Alone

I don't like to be continually around my friends. I need time to think about stuff without interuption. My friends and i are very different. They don't like to read or paint or sew and those activities are my favorite things to do. Consquently, i take time off to do those things. However, i don't completly blow them all off.  I still hang out with them a lot. Practically everyother day. I agree to hang out with them despite my yearning to stgay home to prevent them from critisizing my lifestyle. They always tell me that i'm wasting my time inside. Rather, i should be outside with my friends. I find it  so frustrating!

I'm rarely lonely when i'm by myself. I'm lonely when i am in a group of people. I feel that it is because i hang out with a whole bunch of people whom i don't connect to. In addition, i'm the only one without a boyfriend. Which kills me! But i don't want to start a relationship with them because they're all shallow and boring.

Either0r Either0r
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 10, 2007

Hey, not everyone needs to be surrounded with chattering people all the time. Good for you claiming time for yourself!