Being An Ab/dl In A F****d Up World!

I am a dl...been one for over 20 years.I have never really been received negativilly.To be honest,I do not care what others think although I do keep my preferences to myself.I am not here to push any agenda or my beliefs about the entire core of being an AB/DL...I just like it.Period!! But I will make one thing clear....I am not into doing #2 at all in my diaper!! I am a bit of a clean freak...and that is not me at all.I prefer to think as myself as GQ/Metrosexual! lol..Peace to All!!
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

man... kindred... I love my diapers... I wet them without control. (medical) but I will stick my finger up before I mess. no way... I drive a nice cadi. and dress to the nines just to go to the gas station. and most people think we are freaks. they have no idea what we do other than ab/dl. there are some here that are letting it interfere with normal life. as long as your private life doesn't effect what needs to be done, who cares. but like with all extra curricular activities. you have to be able to maintain.