My Story

Background: Male from 1965. I was a bed wetter until age of around 10. I wet my bed every night but was not wearing diaper only rubber sheet under my regular sheet thus weaking up every morning in a wet bed.

My story starts at age around 6yo.

At age 5½ I got a little brother. i dont recall what triggered me about diapers only I felt partly jaloux when I saw my little brother be changed. One day I went to the bathroom I took a diaper and brought it to my room and tried it on. I remember it as a nice feeling when the diaper smoothed up around me. I remember I took diapers regularly and always dreamt about wearing one at night. I just couldn't get my self to ask my parents for wearing diaper as I at the age of 6 also had this "diapers are for babies" feeling. So caught in between lust and "I am not a baby" I continued wearing my lirrle brothers diapers.


Social events like camps in groups was also some kind of a problem. It was never easy to cover that I have wet my bed during the night. Thus I avoided going these events as far as possible. I did though go to a few but I dont remember how I got along with the wetting, only  I remember it was not in diapers.


Specific events that I remember.

We were at a camping holiday and I remember my little brother being diapered and I commented that he was having double pads. My mother replied that maybe it would be an idea if I also got a diaper for the night. I was terrified and denied the possibility but in the end I ended up having a diaper in a pair of rubber pants. Next morning my diaper was wet but my bed was dry. What a feeling. I just took off the wet diaper and got back in my dry and warm bed again. GREAT FEELING. The rubber pants was too small for me thus giving me "red rings" around my legs and waist I complained and said I didnt want rubberpants. I hoped that I would have plastic brief instead and that my mother would diaper me then but in the end I just got a pad in my underwear and it actually served very well.

I was playing around my home and a girl my age was playing as well. She asked me to come to her house to play and there she wanted to play mother father and child. She had this baby doll in natural new borne size and she had a diaper as well thus this diaper was too big size for the doll. I dont remember how but she convinced me that I should be the baby and then she diapered me. Very carefully indeed. Very nice feeling I remember but when I "woke up" as she finished diapering me with the words that now I was a fine little baby boy I got very ashamed. I rapidly got rid of the diaper and gor dressed and fled home. I never spoke to her again.

We were visiting some family staying for the night. They had two girls around my age and when preparing for the night they saw the rubber sheet for my bed. They laughed and said that I was like a baby wetting my bed at night and that they should diaper me instead of the rubber sheet. That of course would never happen but still I have this fantasy that what if they really diapered me like a baby?

We know a family with a boy my age and we used to be babysit at each others. He had a sister +9 years and she would some times look after us. They of course knew about my bed wetting and I just had my rubber sheet there as well. She one time spoke to me that every thing would be much easier if I just wore a diaper at night. It never happened but I still have this fantasy that she one night would come to me when I was in my bed and then she would diaper me.

I was at a party (now age around 23). I came along with some friends that had been invited and I just followed. I didnt know who these people were only there was a vast majority of women. I got to talk to one of these girls and found out they were working at an institution for mentally retarded people. We spoke about the job and I found out that they actually diapered most of the retards. She was going to work the very next morning and she was having her monthly so we could not stay together that night. I my self also had plans for the next day and I never returned to her. I still have this fantasy that I visited her at her job and by means of some jokes she would diaper me. Maybe she would "catch me" inspecting a diaper :)

I have some more fantasies about meeting a woman working with diapering adults and for some reason she would diaper me for fun in some kind of a role play.

Today I will call my self a Diaper Lover though I would not say no if I was invited to be a little baby boy for a night. I wear diapers for fun and I also have diapers to bed for sleeping though I still wake up if I have to pee at night. Some times then I pee in the diaper but still I cannot fall asleep again in a wet diaper. But I am working on it :)


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Nice to read a genuine story rather than what people wish had happened. my ex girlfriend worked at a residential home that had a Dementia ward and many of the dementia clients were diapered so she was quite adept at putting diapers on people. When she found my 'stash' she was amazingly okay about it, she was an odd sort of girl in many ways and okay about some things that would have sent any other girl running and actually suggested she put me in a diaper. That only happened once and then the novelty was gone for her and the whole diaper thing was just never mentioned again, she wasn't fazed by me having them, just not interested.