Stupid Shoes

Shoes are like prisons for your feet. What did they ever do to deserve to be cramped up all day? We need our feet to walk, and they really are amazing concidering how much you rely on them. :D I hate shoes!!! Glad to know there are other people like mee!!!
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That sounds like so much fun! You should've invited them to dance as well, I would've! :)

As you can see, I just went camping last week, quite cold. But I put that music on and before I knew it, my shoes and socks got lost and I was dancing, feeling the cold dirt beneath my feet reenergized me. Got a few looks from the few hikers up there but no other campers were up there.

Yup, cute shoes are great, uniform shoes..not so much. I love taking my shoes off during school(my feet dont really smell). I get in trouble sometimes, but I dont really care. And no, I don't think anything feels better than taking those cute shoes off at the end of the day. i can walk in them and dance i them pretty well, but my feet live the freedom. <br />
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A bad thing about cute shoes though, blisters. While the bottoms of my feet toughen up to accomidate the ground, the tops of my feet are really sencitive, and get cut easily. :(<br />
I think nothing bothers me than people touching my feet. Footrubs bother the hell out of me.

I suppose I feel both the yin and the yang of shoes versus barefoot. I love being barefoot. I drive without shoes, and in the summer the soles of my feet toughen up. I walk to the beach barefoot, and across the hot sand. All barefoot. Only been one time in the last few years (and I went to the beach at the wrong time....1pm during a drought) that I burned the soles of my feet. Saying that...I love shoes...pretty shoes, sandals, stillettoes, sneakers, boots, you name it, I've bought it and worn it! During the school year I stick mainly to ballet flats for work. They are the most comfortable and almost feel barefoot like, I suppose. anyone else?

Yeah, I pretty much agree with everybody here. I love running around in the woods with no shoes! most of all on moss, if feels so soft under your feet! Yes the stiletto heels are so fun, and I love how they make my legs look!! :) As much Is a *hate* shoes, I agnoledge(sp???) the people who make the shoes, and how they mush feed their families. I do own 46 pairs of shoes(most sandals, but still) and 3pairs of sneakers(paved roads hurt my feet much more than unpaved/forest floor, any agreements???

While I enjoy the comfort and freedom of going barefoot, I do not "hate shoes". I say this in respect for all involved in the concept, design, mock-up, manufacture and sale of footwear and the packaging and advertising thereof. These people all have families and their jobs feed those families. The choice of whether or not to buy the shoes is up to the individual.<br />
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This being said, I have to admit that I do enjoy getting dressed up and going out for a night on the town. This does include six inch stiletto heels. My fav is a pair of Gucci's for which I have matching L'Oreal Glam lipstick. With my single shoulder minidress, pastie and fishnets...Lil' Kim....lookout! :-)

When I go camping up in the woods, I freak people out. They pass my campsite and here I'm running around with no shoes. And if I wear shoes in the woods that would be my leather moccasins. To be truly alive the soles of your feet must feel the earth beneath you.<br />