Like To Be Around People With Bare Feet

I have enjoyed going barefoot and being around people with bare feet since I was a kid. We lived in a house that was near an ice cream stand. Kids in the neighborhood would walk to the stand barefoot, so I got to see most of the kids in the area barefoot.

I don't have a foot fetish as such, it just feels so good to be barefoot and to see other barefoot as well. When you see someone who is barefoot, you gotta be barefoot too!

In my high school, we did the musical South Pacific. Because it takes place on a tropical island, many of the characters are barefoot. The cast and crew took full advantage of that, staying barefoot throughout all of the rehearsals and performances around the stage and backstage. Even the kids on the stage crew and orchestra went barefoot. When the rehearsals were over, we went around school barefoot and around the campus too. I never was around so many other kids with bare feet.
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Jul 29, 2010