Green Toes

I can only image how some folks turn up their noses when they see my green toes. ;~)  I mow my yard.... barefoot! Sure there are harmful things i can step on/ bees, dog poop, glass, ....knocking on wood... I've been pretty luck. No harm has come to me in all my years being barefoot.

I just get the soap out and a big scrub brush and start cleaning.... i mean, come on... do you think i go around with green toes everyday!? ... nope. Sometimes it take alittle bleach too. *smile*

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hello :)
my name is ann, i'm 37f,bisex, in open relationship...very open minded...i would love to chat with you if you are interested

Do u wear heels & flats to? & take your feet out of them when your sitting down???

Am I right?

No heels, flip flops, tennis shoes only in public places. ;-) yes, I sit most of the time.. Indian style, feet folded beneath my crossed legs.

Oh really you play in you shoes. Which are your flats & tennis shoes a lot? Both shoes or just one? & oh really. Add me to chat more 😊

Mowing the yard in your bare feet is not recommended for children of any age.

Children of any age...huh? X lol...

Yes; the same little girl in you that likes to go barefoot, is the one that must be careful.
If she needs adult supervision I will volunteer :)

nice story. walking outside barefoot is great. i do the same in the woods too. do you also drive barefoot ?

yup, sure do. I know it's against the law so I keep my flip-flops close by. ...I asked a question awhile back... what is the first thing you wash when you shower/bathe... For me, it's my feet cause they are the dirtiest *smile*

I grew up with water for most baths being, at most, a gallon in a wash pan. I am still unable to wash feet first. And -- no -- I was not about to refill the pan and necessitate a quicker return to the well. But I understand the concept of wanting the less clean parts washed soonest.

I enjoyed very much your charming post. For a little bit I was running pell mell again down the dusty path to the river. Barefoot, of course. Thanks, Breeze.

It\'s the first place I wash is my feet... lol. sometimes i need bleach and a scrub brush. *smile* ThanksNelladell.

well, infact, feet are the last for me. i m an engineer and the most logical sequence is i think from head top to bottom. but, true, when you walk barefoot outside, the dirtiest points are the feet. if i need to clean them, i use the tap in my garden. anyway, barefoot is the best. stay barefoot and take care, bye ...

also if you add me, i d be very pleased ...

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NudyDude, way cool! *smile*<br />
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JLM, Hi! nope.... not deep down... but all around, down to my toes! lol