Always Barefoot

ive always been barefoot. my mom lets me go everywhere in my barefeet like shopping and to school. she goes barefoot alot. nobody cares i never wear shoes cause people are used to me always in my barefeet. i think it would feel weird to ever wear shoes, no thanks ill stay in barefeet. see ya.
williekeywest williekeywest
2 Responses Nov 1, 2010

When I was in HS you couldn't go barefoot. They tried, but failed, to ban sandals. A lot of girls had tough, filthy feet in sandals. One had nice white callouses under each toe which stood out through the black dirt. When I was a freshman, we were taking a test. She ditched her sandals and went barefoot to the restroom. As I left for the restroom, she was walking back shuffling and dragging her feet on the smooth floors just as I did in stores and the mall. It wasn't unusual to see bare feet in stores, fast food, etc. I dated a couple of women I met while we were both barefoot on the street in Greenwich Village (NYC). One's mom used to be a barefooter before moving to the City. She had very tough, callosued soles. She had no problem with our filthy feet in the somewhat upscale apartment.

You have a great mom there. Mine had such a hang-up about feet being gross that it made me a bit barefoot shy when I was your age. Now, unless I'm at work, I'm barefoot or in flip flops almost all the time.