Barefooting Again

I've been a barefooter for about 15 years but haven't really done any barefoot walking for the last 2

Since 2 weeks ago, whenever I haven't been at work, I've taken off all footwear and let my feet be FREE.

I've had a few comments such as "Nice Shoes" to which I reply "Yeah - so nice I've got a pair for every day ;-)".  People have noticed me a lot this week, and that isn't what my barefooting is about.  So I've created by myself some barefoot shoes which are basically some small leather straps which go around my ankled and my toes.  They seem to work - I guess people don't notice what's staring them in the face sometimes!  You can't fool the kids though - they notice every time!

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7 Responses Jan 24, 2008

Thats great ...Barefoot shos are great, I wear them all the time, I only make one off designs. I keep very busy a they are perfect for beach weddings of which I get a lot of request for. The good thing is you dont even have to be barefoot you can wear them with shoes. Nice to see someone else come up wih a design well done. You can find me on facebook under Barefoot shoes or Made On Magnetic

Naked feet feel like freedom. I love being barefoot and travel everywhere sans shoes.

i like being bare foot most of the time, i have allways hated socks and shoes, not a full barefooter only barefoot around the house, if i go out walking thats when i putmy shoes on when i go to the park i then walk bare foot i like the soft grass under my feet

What better way to experience life than through the soles of your feet? Soft, green grass; hot, sandy beaches followed by cool water lapping at your feet; the feel of the mud ozing between your toes at the river's edge. I've been barefooted every chance I have since I was big enough to take off my shoes.

That's so cool. I didn't realise "being barefoot" was a thing. I'll have to give it a go.

I am a barefoot gal too! I'll have to try out some barefoot shoes!

haha that's cute....<br />
<br />
i want some barefoot shoes ;-)