I Love That :)

I've always loved to walk barefoot...I have never liked slippers.
Naturally, I have to wear them in school or on some other places.  I mean, i can't just walk around school barefoot -.-
But at home I was always barefoot. And now, since I started to practice karate, i'm barefoot ecerytime i'm home :)
I don't use slippers or have socks. 
I love the feeling of cold floor under me, it calms me down. 
People say I'll catch cold or that my legs will be dirty. 
But then I just reply, that where we practice karate (in some primary school) is much calder and much more dirty.
They just can't say anything against that xD
Katya24 Katya24
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 20, 2011

I became a barefoot person when I started to practice judo. I love the feeling of the mat beneath my feet.