Playing Basketball Barefoot

I play basketball in high school. There's ten guys on our team. I'm 17, white, dark brown hair, 6'1", 170 pounds, size 12 feet. We practice every day after school in our gym for three hours. There's this one guy, Zach, who is always showing up late. He's a good player so the coach will never kick him off the team, and Zach knows this. One day he showed up late wearing a t-shirt and flip flops. We were already warming up and coach yelled something at Zach as he went to the locker room to get changed.

A few minutes later he came out of the locker room in his uniform but still wearing flip flops. Here's what happened:
Coach: Where are your sneakers, son?
Zach: Well, I thought they were in my gym bag, but I must have left them at home, so I could go get them, or just play in flip flops--
Coach: You know what Zach, I'm tired of you always having excuses. You're always late, and it's not okay anymore. Here's what we're gonna do. All of you are going to take off your shoes and socks and play barefoot for the whole practice! You can thank Zach for it later, and I'll bet after today that Zach will be on time for every practice and have his shoes with him. Right Zach?

Zach looked like he was about to cry but said "yes, sir" weakly. Coach yelled at us to hurry up and get our shoes and socks off. We all groaned and went over to the sideline to take off our shoes. This coach was a good guy, but he was serious about winning, so we usually do what he says. I stuffed my socks into my sneakers and put them with everyone elses. The wood floor was really cold on my feet at first, but I got used to it. I was worried about getting my toes stepped on, which did happen a few times, but since everyone was barefoot it didn't hurt too much.

I thought it was kind of fun playing barefoot, but I could tell that the rest of my team was angry. Zach kept saying he was sorry, but I knew that he would probably get his butt kicked after practice! My soles were black from all the dirt on the floor. At the end of practice we always run a mile on the track outside, so when coach told us to head outside we all started putting our shoes back on. He yelled at us and said we would be running barefoot!! Now everyone was really pissed at Zach.

Running barefoot on a smooth gym floor is okay, but running barefoot on a cinders track is not fun. My feet really hurt by the end of practice. At the next practice, Zach was on time and wearing his sneakers, and we haven't had to practice barefoot since that one day. I like being barefoot at home and wear flip flops to school all the time, but I don't ever want to play basketball barefoot again!

Oh, and the team captain, Eric, punished Zach by making him go barefoot to school for a day! The next morning, Zach was walking into school and the whole team was waiting for him. Eric had texted us the night before about what we were going to do. Eric made Zach take off his sneakers and short white socks and hand them over. He told Zach that he would get them back at the end of the day, and Zach tried to say he was sorry and not to make him do this. But we didn't care! He took off his shoes and went on his way in his bare feet. All day long, he said that everyone looked at him weird and a few kids stepped on his toes. He was miserable all day, but I think he deserved it. Coach told the teachers why Zach was barefoot, so even though we have to wear shoes at school, none of the teachers said anything to Zach.
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try barefoot soccer (mostly out side on football pitch's on mud or grass

ha! that is so funny. personally i think u should punish him by putting things in his shoes. :p

try a frozen coin.freeze it in a super cold refrigarator