Going Barefoot In School Is Fun!!

Since I have the courage to go barefoot in the public, I began going barefoot in school. My school actually prohibit us to walk around in bare feet, but I have some tricks to make me possible to do that.

My first experience was to wear flip flops to school. I walked in school in flip flops. Teachers are strict here, so when one of them looked that, they went angry and told me to take off the flip flop. They took the flip flops, and "punished" me to walk barefoot the whole day. I was thankful for that, and considered it as a gift!

But my parents complained to me why I didn't wear my shoes to school, so I decided to wear them. In the class, I took the shoes off, (so I only wore my socks), and tossed the shoes around using my feet. I did it intentionally. The teachers saw I did that, and warned me once. I didn't listen and I kept doing it. She went angry and took my shoes, and asked me to open my socks too, which I did with pleasure. Again, I had to walk barefoot the whole day. Yay!

So, what's fun in being barefoot in school?

My computer laboratory was covered in carpet, so I can walk on those smooth carpets once in a week. So relieving! (My friends just wore their socks).

The next, I could do sport in bare feet there. Well, the asphalt is very hot, but I enjoyed it - in fact I ran faster in bare feet. Again, the ceramic floors are dirty and smooth, so it pleases me.
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1 Response Mar 26, 2012

Yes. In Asia, teachers are also very strict. there was this one time I twisted my ankle during PE class. It wasn't really that bad but I had an excuse to go barefoot and get support from my friends the whole day, with the bonus of a bandage. Another time, relating back to strict teachers, I wore the wrong shoes to school and as a punishment, was requested to ***** down to the bare ankle. I was allowed to go barefoot the whole day at school, and outside school even in the bus. Brilliant experiences