Barefoot Day At Mall & Friends' House

Today my friend dared me to walk barefoot 8 hours straight for $50. So I would have to walk barefoot as long as he and I was in the shopping mall.
I met him in an old sandal. He asked me to hand over the sandals to him, but instead, I threw the sandals into the dustbin. He was surprised, and said that if I gave him the sandals, he would return them. But I said I didn't need it anymore. So, we entered the mall.
Geez, the floor was very cold. I liked them. First, we went to the clothing store. He and I tried some clothes, and bought each one T-Shirt.
Then, we walked to the cinema. I queued for the movie in bare feet, and the carpet was really nice. All people stared at my feet, but they didn't ask. We watched the movie and I was sitting in bare feet.
After that, we went to the grocery - he just wanted me to walk around and made my feet hurts or dirty. But I didn't get troubled with that..
Then, the real challenge came. He led me to the basement, and I had to walk around on the dirty floor.
However, he was not satisfied. We went outside the mall, and we went to a park nearby. He spilled some water in the soil, and I had to rub my feet there. This made my feet really dirty. And after that, he directly pulled me to the hot asphalt. Ugh, that hurts a little actually.
We caught a bus and went to his house.
There, I had to do the gardening in bare feet, and I did it happily.
By the end of the day, he gave me the money he promised, and said that I finished his challenge. He was amazed actually. He offered me to wash my feet in his bathroom, but I refused. I took the money, and went to a game store to buy a game I want with that money. Then I went home, without cleaning my feet.
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4 Responses May 14, 2012

Easy money for me, as I went barefoot about everyday, grocery stores, malls, retail stores, etc.
After a while, you don't even think about bring barefoot, it just feels normal.

try going barefoot in dog crap

Good start, but I have gone barefoot for weeks at a time, never even taking shoes or sandals with me in the car. Kinda weird at work when there was an unexpected meeting or salespeople came by and you are barefoot the whole time!

I would hve licked them clean in a heart beat.

Haha thanks... But I don't think I would cause I like dirty feet