The Problems Of Gentrification

I live in a neighborhood that is now undergoing "gentrification." When we first moved into the area, forty years ago, it was possible to go barefoot virtually anywhere without problems. Back in the '70s, there were enough hippies and artist types around to make barefooting almost normal. But now that is changing. When I go barefoot into some of the newer businesses I get looks from people that seem to suggest my bare feet are bringing down the property values somehow. It doesn't stop me from going barefoot, but he sure does take some of the pleasure out of it.

What is particularly galling is that some of the folks giving me problems are young enough to be my children. I went into a Whole Foods recently and the manager, who looked like he just graduated from high school, had the gall to give me a lecture about the dangers of going barefoot. I heard him out, and when he was finished I looked him straight in the eye and said, "You realize that I'm old enough to spank you?" He turned bright red and I haven't had a problem with him since.
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Great story with an amusing ending. Take care ;)

what a wonderfully amusing story--the perfect response to that kid who obviously knows nothing about manners, grace, respect!! Bravo for your determination s to continue to go barefoot in spite of others thoughts! i really admire your conviction, as when i first became barefoot, i was met with resistance at numerous places--i handled it adequately i think [i adopted the unconditional policy of total honesty as to why i am barefoot

I might have not just threatened.... but turned him over my knee right there... and reddened his ***... lol

Hell yea! GOOD FOR YOU!<br />
<br />
While he wasn't a barefooter, check out "Utah Philips" for stories about gently confronting people about their silly preconceptions and biases! That's the attitude adjustment I sure like!

That's telling the young whipper snapper off. Next time tell him how wearing poorly fitting shoes will give him a future of corns, bunions and hammer toe and toe jam.