Asking For Help...

Thanks for all your positive replies to the last post, but seriously, that's a true story and now I'm having a cold (or flu) because of playing in the rain and swimming there. Well I hope I'll recover soon.

My friend has been way too crazy. His last challenge to me is to put glue all over my soles, and asked me to walk on the forest, in the mall, and on the dusty asphalt, so the soils and the dust will stick to my soles. It's gonna be very dirty, and when I step on muds.. I can't believe how it feels. Any idea guys? Seriously, he is too crazy. But perhaps I'll try... Or maybe not.
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1 Response Jun 2, 2012

You don't need to put any glue on your foot to get your soles dirty, that will happen without doing that. Depending on the glue you use, it will be very difficult to remove and will also block the pores and can irritate the skin. I wouldn't do it, going barefoot is suppose to be healthy, enjoyable, and fun. putting glue on your feet could be dangerous. If your looking to get your soles black, just walking on asphalt will do the job or just mow the lawn barefoot and your soles will get a dark greenish black from that. But be very cautious when mowing the lawn that way cuz you don't want to hurt your feet. Remember that feet are tough but not indestructible. tell your friend to be reasonable with his dares.