I Am Normally Barefooted At Home

I enjoy going barefooted- always have! However, I don't really get to do too much out and about that way. Hoping that will change!
GLAD I could find some groups on here full of folks that share my liking for this! :-)
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5 Responses Jul 19, 2012

There's nothing wrong with going barefoot out in public. I've been doing it for years, nothing else better then being barefoot and free. I hate shoes of all types, and love the ones that god gave me.

:-) I'm afraid I don't yet have enough courage to "go all out" with barefootedness. I hope that will change, one day, though!

Well I don't have any Vibrams or other minimalist footwear. I just go barefoot. I only have 1 pair of old sandals as a footwear.

Thanks for your thoughts! :-) I already actually own a couple pairs of barefoot shoes (one which is homemade), and two pair of barefoot boots (both homemade). I've never made a shoe before in my life, but what I made works good! :-D

Vibrams are weird looking, and not airy. I prefer minimal sandals like Lunas.

I do as I can, given the situation, myself.

Try some Vibram's It's almost as good as going barefoot and no one can say your not wearing your shoes and you don't get the funny looks for wearing your slippers at the grocery store :)

I own a pair of Vibrams, thanks. ;-)