It's A Religious Thing

I love being barefoot anywhere, anytime, but I can't always. On certain days of the year I make it a point to go without shoes no matter where I have to go or what I have to do. I try to make sure I don't have to do much on these holy days, but sometimes I don't have a choice.

What are these days and why do I have to be barefoot? I am a Pagan Witch. I celebrate the 8 Sabbats as represented in the Wheel of the Year. These days generally celebrate the changing of the seasons, and acknowledges ancient pagan practices. I usually go barefoot on Samhain and Beltane without question, and do for the others if I feel like it. I also go barefoot on my Dedication anniversary, which is actually tomorrow (sept 18th).

Other than for religios purposs, I love having bare feet. I never wear socks and shoes inside my home, and always make people take off their shoes as well. My mom said that when until I started kindergarden I she couldn't keep socks and shoes on me. I would always pull them of before running around outside. I guess I've always loved the feel of my feet against the earth, soaking up her energy.

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3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

I totally understand!!!! Being barefoot makes me feel connected to the earth.

You should find more reasons to go barefoot. Like every day you wake up. Or how about every day you eat a meal? Just some suggestions. HAHA

I'm home alot now so I am barefoot pretty much everyday unless I have to go shopping.

great story chickie . . . I used to love it too . . . but I have a torn disc in my spine and cannot tolorate the hard ground without cushioning on my feet . . . told you this so you could appreciate it more for the both of us . . . so enjoy and have fun . . . and happy anniversary . . . fantastic . . . 8D

Thanks hun. I will enjoy it for you too!