No Shoes

I have a policy in my house, "No Shoes". The ones who know me take them off as soon as they walk in. In the warmer months it's never a problem, but in the winter on hard wood floors, I'll supply about a dozen pair of slippers that never leave the house.
Think I'm a little obsessive?
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4 Responses Dec 7, 2012

I was born & raised in a family of nudists, and clothing was always optional for guests. Now it's my house (my rules) and nudity is mandatory for anyone staying more than a few minutes -- wearing clothes isn't allowed in my house or back yard. ***** off or leave!

@ecgirl (or anyone): There's more about that sort of fun in my comments & stories on EP. Send me a private message telling me what you've experienced (or fantasize about experiencing) going nude inside/outside or around other people, and we'll explore how I might dare/encourage/help/join you!

just the same in my house. exactly the same, i cant understand, how some people stay with their shoes, even some with their boots at home ...

If I had a girl that enjoyed being barefoot, I'm sure we'd have the same policy at our place. Besides, being barefoot is really healthy and we be doing our guests a big favor.

just exactly the same in my house. i also love to walk often barefoot in the woods, on wet grass and cool beach sand. i drive barefoot too. how about you ???