Barefoot Pleasure

   I have always enjoyed going barefoot especially in the warm weather.  For as long as I can remember,  I have walked around outside barefoot as well as indoors.  The different sensations under my feet and between my toes have always been sensual to me and relaxing.  I have always enjoyed innocently playing with bare feet and giving really good foot massages as I have been told.  My wife often brags about my abilities and volunteers my services to friends.  I don't have a foot fetish,  but I do enjoy the feel of feet in my hands as I rub and explore all the beautiful contours of the foot.  It is pleasurable knowing that as I massage a foot that someone is receiving pleasure and relaxation from it.

     Over the past couple of years I have suddenly noticed that some women have noticed my bare feet which raised a question in my head.  Do women like a barefoot man?  I know that guys like barefoot women because women's feet are just plain cute and sexy.  I have noticed over the years that women also enjoy when I compliment them on their feet in a non creepy way.

     One day I was sitting on our chaise lounge with my feet up relaxing when my wife's friend came home with her from work.  She was sitting by me and I could see her looking at my feet and eventually commented on my toes.  My wife was barefoot as well and we started talking about toe length as my toes are sort of long and my wife's are short.  Another day when I was at physical therapy for my injured leg,  I was on the table and took of my flip flops.  When one of the therapists came over to speak with me and thee therapist working on my leg,  she grabbed my toes and massaged and played with them in her hands as she spoke to me.  I must admit that I really liked it.  I get a foot massage on rare occasions and noticed I like when my feet are touched.  On another occasion,  we were invited to a neighbors home for a cooking party in the summer.  When we entered, everyone's shoes were at the door so we took ours off as well.  When we went to the kitchen and family room,  most everyone was barefoot.  I was standing close to a floor vent which was blowing cold air from the ac and was wiggling my toes as our neighbor was talking with us and getting us drinks.  She noticed my toes wiggling and chuckled and commented on my dancing toes as we all laughed.  She then put her foot on top of mine and rubbed her foot on mine for a while to warm my feet.  I enjoyed the attention and thanked her for the foot rub as another barefoot woman came over to rub my other foot for a moment.  My wife and I played footsie for the rest of the evening under the table and sometimes in plain sight.

     Enjoy your feet and let them be free.

jamnatr jamnatr
41-45, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Very cool, you should show a pic of your feet to see what the hype is about