Getting Some Mud Between My Bare Toes!

Today was a great one for being barefoot. I went to a local bakery to get my lunch. While I am stuck on crutches I try to park as close as I can, which in this case is a vacant lot next door.
It had been raining all night but had almost stopped when I went out, but then it started again as I got there.
The muddy ground was amazing on my bare foot, even if having to use my crutches were a bit of a hassle, but watching my clean foot get covered in mud and feeling it ooze between my bare toes was brilliant, better because I was in public and would soon be in a shop with my bare foot coated in mud. I was shirtless as well and loving the feeling of the cold rain on my bare back and chest.
I sure got heaps of looks when I crutched into the bakery, mud between my bare toes and water running down my bare chest!
barefootshirtless barefootshirtless
41-45, M
Jan 18, 2013