Love a Woman In Jeans and Barefoot

I think a woman in jeans and bare feet is very sexy.  I am a sucker for the woman who enjoys kicking her shoes off as soon as she can and goes about the house or office barefoot.  Or the sight of a female in a coffee shop or cafe with her shoes or sandals on the floor before her and she sitting with her feet bare.  Then there is the lovely site of girls at the movies with shoes kicked off and bare feet resting on the back of the chair in front of her.  Finally, I find adorable the female  walking on the beach or through the grass in a park carrying her shoes and enjoying the feel of sand or grass on her bare peds.  Bravo to all the barefoot females of the world. 

Smyslov Smyslov
56-60, M
10 Responses Oct 25, 2008

I agree. Seeing barefeet peeking out of long jeans is very attractive.

I enjoy seeing women barefoot waliking through sand dunes with seagulls flying overhead

I love seeing girls that are barefoot, especially if they are wearing jeans. I happen to have a massive feet fetish and watching girls anywhere with their shoes off and showing their barefeet is really sexy.

I have a massive foot fetish, hence my user name, and I think baretfooted girls in jeans are very sexy. Check out It has lots of sole close up shots, which I love. The female sole, to me, is the most awesome site in the universe.

There's nothing sexier than a girl going barefoot in public. A woman magnifies her attractiveness and sexiness a hundredfold when she goes barefoot in public places.

Yeah alot of my female friends take their shoes off especially in public, for me personally, it makes me more comfortable

I'm almost always barefoot in my jeans, shoes are a last resort and only appear when there's no other way.

I love being barefooted when I'm on a pontoon off with the shoe's. I am barefooted right now that's the way to live. Feel the earth under my feet. GG :-)

Barefoot girls are hotter!

Nothing like a woman with great legs in a short dress, barefoot.