I like being barefoot but honestly have no idea why. I'll take my shoes off every chance I get, especially when I'm on grass.
davidginsberg davidginsberg
18-21, M
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It's heartening to know there still some teens around that like barefooting. It was common practice when I was a kid but essentially extinct now. I'm a full-time barefooter myself. Keep up the good work!

I dunno, a fair number of my friends like being barefoot. Maybe it's coming back in style.

Nothing would please me more. Where do you live?


That's a lovely area--I lived there at age 5, long before my barefoot days.

Hey David~ Will you message me? Your account settings won't allow me to contact you.

It won't let me message you either.

That's been happening a lot lately. Wonder what's going on? Anyway, I walked in the sun today for 11 hours barefoot and shirtless and came home with well-blackened soles. How about you?

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A million years of evolution created our feet to walk on the earth. Shoes distort and cripple our feet. Of course you prefer to walk naturally .

Exactly how I feel!

Barefoot 4ever!!

Dude, you have no idea👊😎