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Damn Bees

I hate shoes !! This summer i have discovered why one should not step on bees , yep got stung in the arch of my foot.To make it even more fun i found out i am allergic ,yeah buddy..... i am still not wearing shoes!! The bees however, seem to be attracted to me,i have been pollenated lol.
redheadsrule redheadsrule 36-40, F 42 Responses Aug 30, 2007

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haha you must be a bee magnet. I have step on bee too and it hurt like ****.

Oh that was my first sting too as a child. My mother wrapped it with my fathers tabacco and he was not pleased. Oh be careful though, those allergic reactions SUCK! I remember the school calling last year that my son was stung on the playground and they said 'is he allergic' my reply was 'being the first time I guess we'll find out' and I took off to the school with bendryl in hand. Lucky for us he was not but have 911 on speed dial just in case. <br />
<br />


Tell me about it. I was lucky they get too far up my legs.<br />
That would have been embarrassing.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

Fire ants are nasty

Once I was bare outside and hiding from some approaching. I did not realize I was standing in a fire art mound. They attacked my feet as fire ants do and I had a bit of a reaction.<br />
I had to take my chances and run home to do something about the bits all over my feet and legs.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

Shoes are over rated :)

i also love to be barefoot every day and also allergic to bees my only fear though is to be bitten by a snake this happened once but thankfully it was a dry bite.

i love being barefoot a try not to wear anything on my feet all year round. i get some funny looks walking through town barefoot especially in winter but i love it.

i too got stung by a bee this summer... although i didn't quite step on it as much as i think i kicked it in the butt as i was taking a step while barefoot. right in the middle of my arch. stung like whoa! good thing i'm not allergic though.

If the bees go extinct, humanity has about 2 years at the max.

I actually have been facinated with the research an RN is doing regarding bee pollen and MS

Imagine the bee. She exacts a measure ov revenge as her dying act. Noble creature.


Biting lip hard ....*mumbles * what ?

Hi Mother. Have you been to Mazo Beach?


Clearly we need to visit Mazo Beach together this summer.

It has to be my favorite chilhood smell!

I love Northern WI. I had relatives in Mossinee when I was a kid. We would visit them and I loved exploring those pine forests you were talking about. There's no smell quite like it.

*sticks out tongue*

I wasn't too far off Hayward is in Northern WI.

Oh wow that is not good.

My Nephew has a severe alergy to bee stings too. Started when he was a small child. He ran into a hive and was stung over a hundred times. He almost died. Now he is hyper alergic. Funny, he lived in Wisconsin too.

Nope . Hayward. Seriously now, when i go outside bees stalk me ! LOL . Been pollunated. hehe

Must be Northern Wisconsin. Maybe around Wausau?

Pine forest , red dirt , beautiful feeling!

Best fertalizer.


I hear that the dirt there is special because they mix it with cheese.