Damn Bees

I hate shoes !! This summer i have discovered why one should not step on bees , yep got stung in the arch of my foot.To make it even more fun i found out i am allergic ,yeah buddy..... i am still not wearing shoes!! The bees however, seem to be attracted to me,i have been pollenated lol.
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haha you must be a bee magnet. I have step on bee too and it hurt like ****.

Oh that was my first sting too as a child. My mother wrapped it with my fathers tabacco and he was not pleased. Oh be careful though, those allergic reactions SUCK! I remember the school calling last year that my son was stung on the playground and they said 'is he allergic' my reply was 'being the first time I guess we'll find out' and I took off to the school with bendryl in hand. Lucky for us he was not but have 911 on speed dial just in case. <br />
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Fire ants are nasty

Shoes are over rated :)

i also love to be barefoot every day and also allergic to bees my only fear though is to be bitten by a snake this happened once but thankfully it was a dry bite.

i love being barefoot a try not to wear anything on my feet all year round. i get some funny looks walking through town barefoot especially in winter but i love it.

i too got stung by a bee this summer... although i didn't quite step on it as much as i think i kicked it in the butt as i was taking a step while barefoot. right in the middle of my arch. stung like whoa! good thing i'm not allergic though.

If the bees go extinct, humanity has about 2 years at the max.

I actually have been facinated with the research an RN is doing regarding bee pollen and MS

Imagine the bee. She exacts a measure ov revenge as her dying act. Noble creature.


Biting lip hard ....*mumbles * what ?

Hi Mother. Have you been to Mazo Beach?

Clearly we need to visit Mazo Beach together this summer.

It has to be my favorite chilhood smell!

I love Northern WI. I had relatives in Mossinee when I was a kid. We would visit them and I loved exploring those pine forests you were talking about. There's no smell quite like it.

*sticks out tongue*

I wasn't too far off Hayward is in Northern WI.

Oh wow that is not good.

My Nephew has a severe alergy to bee stings too. Started when he was a small child. He ran into a hive and was stung over a hundred times. He almost died. Now he is hyper alergic. Funny, he lived in Wisconsin too.

Nope . Hayward. Seriously now, when i go outside bees stalk me ! LOL . Been pollunated. hehe

Must be Northern Wisconsin. Maybe around Wausau?

Pine forest , red dirt , beautiful feeling!

Best fertalizer.

Limburger cheese..lol

I hear that the dirt there is special because they mix it with cheese.

My favorite thing is to feel the earth threw my feet. Wisconsin has the most amazing dirt. Freak ,i know!

When I get home from work, the shoes and socks come off.

*singing* Barefootin..lah lah!

With all the money spent by the shoe companies on advertising, it's amazing anyone still knows what it means to go barefoot.


Wouldn't that be Big Toes Down?

Me too, thumbs down for shoes!!!

Whew, that was a close one. I still have visions of nail guns dancing in my head.


Well.....<br />
<br />
Indy forcefully clamps lips together and gives self a stern lecture on manners and etiquette.

Yes, i don't think i would eat that!!!!

Pollen from RHR? That will be some interesting honey.