Going Barefoot For My Boyfriend

As I mentioned on a previous story, my boyfriend has a thing for seeing me when I'm in my bare feet. I'm taking the summer quarter off and I'm thinking about "indulging" him since we had such a good time on the little camping trip. I'm planning on spending the first week at his place and I got the idea to leave my shoes at home and go barefoot for the whole week. This will be another first in a couple of ways. First because I've never done it for that long and because it will mean going barefoot in a lot of public places. While I'm a little nervous about that part, I think it will be worth it to see his reaction.

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If it's not to much trouble can u post some pics of your feet

I've been a confirmed barefooter since I was a kid, and I'm here to share a seldom confessed secret: the vast majority of guys find girls' bare feet incredibly sexy. There are many theories for this, and it has been conjectured that it may be in the way our brains are wired. Research seems to show that the areas of the brain controlling the feet, are sometimes "cross-wired" with the section that controls the genitals.

In any event, I'm confident you'll love being barefoot 24/7 as much as your boyfriend will. How wonderful of you to do that for him!

By the way, my record for going barefoot is 72 consecutive days. I only wish I had a female companion to share my barefoot adventures.

You're a great girlfriend to do that! I think that you'll enjoy it as much as your boyfriend. Good for both of you!

I too like going barefoot. Especially in the summer. Like my feet to be free! It's so, so sexy to see girls going barefoot whenever they can :)

Im a 19year old girl, I never keep my shoes on, sometimes I go out barefoot and other times I go out with just 1 shoe on, if I wear both I always play with them, I'll take 1 off then walk around for a bit with just 1 shoe, it's quite a turn on!

Are your feet callused?

That's like hypnosis to some guys ;)

i just love girls that are barefoot...especially with a dress on...makes me want to play with myself...hope thats ok...

I love when my gf is barefoot! I hate being barefoot in public or if anyone is over visitng. But I love my feet touched/massaged. Werid I know. My gf knows i love me feet touched and will random;y rubb them for me. I also cant say the word feet. My gf will embaress me sometimes by randomly saying Feet out loud when we are in a store. She will act like she has an itch on her foot and take off her sock and shoe just to watch my face. I wish I could be bare foot and not care like she does!!

I know the anxiety you are talking about. It will pass in a short amount of time. Just smile and enjoy your day.

I hope your boyfriend enjoyed it. That was very sweet of you.<br />
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I hope you enjoyed it as well. Nothing beats the feeling of the good earth underfoot!

I wish I had a girl that would do the same thing. You are one lucky girl that you have a guy that loves your feet and enjoys you being barefoot. Unfortunately, Miami has a lot of girls that find barefeet gross.

Do you ever ask them why they think bare feet are gross? (just curious)

You are an awesome lady! Keep going....it will drive him and men nuts...so sexy. Stay barefoot from here on out.....you won't regret it!

I picture the bottom of her feet looking like monkey feet after all that wear. <br />
<br />
Maybe your boyfriend has a secret fetish for monkeys.

He's really a lucky guy, it was great of you to go barefoot for a full week, to leave your shoes at home. Hope you do it again.<br />
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Besides the emotional thing, how it was for your feet not wearing shoes for a whole week? Did your soles get used to it soon? Wasn't it difficult to walk barefoot on hot or rough surfaces?

I wish more girls like you lived where I am, in Jacksonville Florida...it's not as barefoot friendly as it used to be...but I'm hoping for an attitude change with girls here. Keep your shoes off and don't take them with you in the car when you go places. If you were my girlfriend you would have already driven me crazy..good crazy.

Thought I would offer an update. I've been without my shoes for five days now. Like I expected, it felt very strange to have to go everywhere barefoot. Still does a little. First day I told my boyfriend that I would go without shoes for a week if he would to go barefoot with me for one day. To my surprise he agreed. But he had second thoughts when I wanted to get over my anxiety of being barefoot in public by going to the mall. But it is an old mall without a lot of stores left in it, so hardly anyone was there. I could tell he felt exposed and vulnerable. So did I, really. This wasn't like the camping trip. <br />
<br />
Anyway, I've gotten some funny looks but no one has said anything yet. We'll see how the grocery store is this weekend.

I think that will be a bit of the fun and yes, a little apprehension too, knowing that for that long I won't have the option of wearing my shoes and having to go everywhere barefoot. I hope I can talk him into doing it with me once or twice but I'm not too optimistic because he is really shy about going barefoot in public himself.

As someone who also appreciates bare feet, I hope your boyfriend knows how lucky he is to have a girl who is willing to not only go barefoot for him, but to do it for a week straight!