Shoes Just Bug Me!

I am always barefoot. I hate shoes and socks. I'm always in sandals, and only wear shoes/socks when it's absolutely necessary (for work mainly). My family and friends always make fun of me for wearing sandals all the time. It could be 40 degrees outside and I'll wear sandals... The cold feels good on my feet.  If my feet or hands are hot, then I'm usually burning up..   Even if it's raining outside.. I love wearing sandals and feeling the water splash on my feet. Even though my pant bottoms are usually ruined from rubbing on the ground I don't care. I'm comfortable... ;]

Shoes and socks just bug me. I'm NEVER comfortable in them, socks either bunch up or the shoe rubs my feet the wrong way. And I have a problem with stinky feet. I can't stand the smell of bad foot odor and I'm always afraid shoes and socks will give me stinky foot if I wear them.  Blah!

GirlyGamerGeek GirlyGamerGeek
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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

I hate shoes too<br />
they totally bug me<br />
<br />
foots been a bit broke due to horses hoof but i still wont wear them