Barefoot In The Snow

I love going barefoot, even in winter.  We recently had a snow storm.  I went for a walk (a brief one, it was very cold) barefoot.  The softness of the snow feels great on my feet.  When I do this during a snow storm, my prints are usually covered up.  But once the snow starts to melt, I take longer walks when I know my footprints will be visible.  I walk up and down my street and around a public walking trail.  It's really puzzling to my neighbors because I take along flip flops to wear from my door to the sidewalk so people won't know it's me.  Sometimes when it gets slushy then dips below freezing again, my prints will be there for days.  I've only been busted once out in the snow being barefoot and that was by the mailman.  He was like-- isn't it a little cold for that?  I said no, just having a little fun.

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

i go barefoot in the snow all the time and do not care who sees.<br />
i once was shoveling when the mailman arrived. he asked in a flabbergasted tone, "where are your sh**s?!" my reply (one of several i use to that question) was (while looking as disgusted as i could manage), "eww! you said the 's' word!" he had to review what he had said and i added that i don't wear such things.<br />
remember too, that if you get hassled in a business, just tell them that "no bare feet" equals "no dollars".