Yesterday's (03/04/2010) Barefoot Walk

Right now, my car, a white one which I named Snowdrop but call Snowpile when it is not running, is in the latter category. So, when I want to go somewhere, I either walk or get a ride from a friend. I am an extreme barefooter who never covers his feet for any reason or anyone. (See the group I started about going barefoot in snow ( EP Link) for more information.)

Anyway, yesterday, I needed to walk to the auto-parts store to buy some motor oil. I would estimate that it lies a little over a mile and a half away. It was not too bad, weather-wise: bright sunshine and temp around forty F or five C. I put on sweats, my hooded jacket, plus cap (covered by the hood), and gloves. True to form, my feet remained bare.

I was quite distressed by the number of houses whose owners have not shoveled their sidewalks! Going through crusty snow and frozen slush is difficult even for those who do cover their feet! But I walked on them anyway. The sand was also bothersome, but I kept on going.

When I was maybe halfway to my destination, a police officer stopped by me to ask if everything was all right. Having had a similar experience two days prior in which the officer wasted ten minutes of my time, I asserted myself this one: "If you are going to waste my time talking about this, take me to the parts store [which I named]." She said, "So you're okay." I replied that I have been going barefoot year-round the last thirteen years, which satisfied her and she took off.

A block or so farther, a guy stopped on a side road, got out, and tried to hand me a pair of sneakers! I just declined them saying, "Give them to charity. I don't need them." He was perplexed by that so I told him the same thing I'd told the policewoman about the length of time for me, and he got back in and left.

After I had purchased my stuff, which I put in a backpack I'd brought, I headed back home. On the way, I encountered a man waiting for a bus. He commented that my feet must be frozen. I said no, they were fine, and he replied that even with his boots and socks, he was still cold! I decided not to spend too much time there and pushed on. Not far from home, I encountered deep unshoveled snow followed by a quagmire of mud, both of which required me to walk some i the street.

Because the route home was longer, I estimate that I travelled about four miles.

As for my feet, they are a little tender from the sand, but definitely enjoyed the experience.

Stay bare all!

NakedDriver NakedDriver
56-60, M
Mar 5, 2010