Barefeet For All Seasons

I love to go barefoot and feel the ground under my toes, it’s like freedom felt from the feet up. It does not really matter what the weather is like either.  At the beach I love the warm sand scrunching and the water lapping at my toes, as I tip toe in the cool water. When it rains I always like to take off my shoes and walk through the cold  puddles, sploshing water and splashing it around.  When it’s a warm sunny day I like to walk on the green springy grass and feel its softness. And after a warm relaxing bath I really enjoy the feeling of my clean soft feet on the supple carpet, padding around the house.

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11 Responses Mar 5, 2010

But how many of you actually go barefoot in subfreezing temperatures?<br />
I do, year-round, everywhere.<br />
I started my own group for it. Check my profile to find it.<br />
Stay bare!

And you also like shoes ... hmm<br />
<br />
I think I'm figuring out that your feet are the secret to your heart ...

The main things that work against the joy of the barefoot here: prickles, and small stones!

growing up as a farm boy, one never worries about what the step on or in for that matter lol I remember as a boy running through a harvest garden where it was just soil but it was moist and deep. Well needless to say, there were some things in there that may make a lady squirmish such as cow duties and such, but who cared? As soon as I did that, I ran down to the water hole and took a dip ballicky bare butt into the hot summer water. There was nothnig like the taste of the summers and being a kid. I can relate to redlilly about the feeling of things under your feet. I had a blast

I reckon it takes about three years to stop being so shiny and showing up every speck of dust. Gawd, I hate the thought I ever getting mine done again....all that dust and furniture shifting...blah!

Ah, your floor boards obviously aren't worn as much as ours. They get to a stage where they have enough scratches, but still look shiny, that they hide all the dust and smudges

My favourite times are when we're swimming in a waterhole at a national park, and there's clear water and rocks around - gorgeous. At the beach, of course, and we're always barefoot in the house here (wooden floors, keeps them clean).

I don't mind it if I know I don't have to put shoes on again. Otherwise, you're right, not my cup of tea.

lol. That's really interesting. Having sand stuck to my feet doesn't bother me in the slightest but Roj and Miss 16 can't stand it. I guess it's all a part of the touchy Lilly :)

I prefer to go barefoot somewhere I can see the ground, ya know, so I dont step on a bug or something :P<br />
<br />
Walking in the sand is nice though... But once your feet get wet and you walk in the sand, thats when the fun begins; sand everywhere and it wont come off. D:

Very nice to do when the surface is there for it :-)