What A Turn On........

I love handcuffs. I wish I had a headboard and footboard so that I could have my arms and legs tied to them and be taken completely taken advantage of. I am always in charge and dominate, that once in a while I would love to have all power and control taken away.
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That would be a beautiful sight to behold, I can help with that, at least describing things like that you may enjoy.

As a slave to my wife and her sister, I am often bound, whipped and tortured by them both.Neither of them do anything which could cause harm or injury to me but they do inflict pain,which they say keeps me obedient.I like your comment as I have a secret desire to have one or both of them spread eagled on a bed to see how they would like it.Not that I have much chance of it happening though, but I can dream.

right. i hear that.

I've never been with a woman who would like to be bound, as you described, and is turned on by the thought of it. But in reading your writing above, I not only would like to meet such a lady, but am turned on by it, as well.


Thank you for this and a great big :) right back at you.

Id love to tie you up n penetrate u deep

I am a decision maker in charge of other people's lives. There are times I just don't want to make any decisions--and especially how I'm to enjoy being touched.