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It's My First Name

My reason for liking to be called baby or bebe or babe is because thats what I have been called my whole by family members. As a matter of fact since they always seem to call me that even friends of family even start reffering to me as baby. This one time my mom called a little toddler baby and my cousin who was about 4 said to my mom in a very serious tone "Aunty that's not baby, she's over here, only she can be called baby" when we heard that everyone who was in the room just started laughing. So now all the little kids whenever an adult calls them baby they always respond with "no i'm not baby, thats her thats baby" I find that kind of cute
babydoll73 babydoll73 22-25, F 5 Responses Apr 1, 2012

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very cute

well youre such a pretty bby and thas make you different.

Makes me smile ... Be glad you didn' get MY nickname ...

I just find it funny, the look on their faces, very serious. The tone in their voice as if to say "how can you confuse me with baby"

Cute, I can see those little kids being concerned, wondering what's wrong with the adults.