I Love To Be Strangled

I love to be strangled by women. I love the feel of there cold hands arond my neck and then squeezing slow and very hard til i start choking and then til i pass out. It is a real turn on for me. i also like to be hanged aswell i love the feel when i pass out it is great.
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How do you hang yourself without dying

<p>Yes, being strangled by a woman is very sexy and exciting. Especially if they strangle you to within seconds of death. I love the feeling of euphoria that sweeps over you at a certain point and when that happens, you no longer want them to release the stranglehold. The feeling you get as you are approaching death is exhilarating and you can actually feel your life leaving you. You just have to be sure that the woman strangling you knows when to stop before you actually die. If there are any women out there willing to do this, let's talk.</P>

Yeah i do like the feeling of their cold fingers wrapped around my throat & squeezing softly. It feels very sexy

hi...Plz add me as ur frnd and i will help u in getting choked... I will choke u as long as u want nd i dnt need anything in return... I wl choke u as hard as u want.

ooh thats sounds wonderul strangle me plz pzl

r u in the uk if so can u strangle me 2

26 well shall about that. you up for chocking me then?

Hi i live near you. I read you like to strangle people as well. Maybe we can talk,etc and meet up. I don't really like strangling people much,but if u strangle me hard, throat lifting and all,i will you..

Hi i do like to strangle people as well but i really love to be strangled too. Have you ever strangled anyone before if not you should because you never know you might like it.

just saw this. No i haven't but i guess if was to meet up and you was to choke me, i would have to return the favour.How old are you? shall we talk by messages?

strangle me 2 please

we can talk by messages if you like. I am 27 nearly 28. i think you would like strangleing me because you will be in control of my breathing and you can use what ever you like to strangle me with any thing at all. How old are you may i ask?

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Do you like to choke a woman and then get choked by her in return? I love it both ways! Please add me as friend and we can trade chokimg thoughts.

yes i like to choke a women but i espeacially love to be choked by a female i love the feeling of there cold hands around my throat and squeezing slow and very hard til i start choking and then even harder til i pass out. I love to be strangled in anyway possible with rope,belt etc. I also love being walked and trampled over with high heels and i love my throat being stood aswell with high heels it is a real turn on for me. What about you?

Manual Strangulation -- both ways -- with either gender! Send an email from a regular email address to miklew61@yahoo.com and I'll reply wtith a stragulation story I wrote that , besides being an enjoyable read, tells a little about how I like my strangles!

My MMA experience will make ya laff

I was the only guy at the dojo willing to let the girls practise their many &amp; varied strangleholds on me

Can ya just see me, flat on my back, with a queue of 10 girls patiently, but eagerly, waiting to straddle me, wake me up from the last pass out, then choke me out herself?

The best one was the last, as she had to wake me up herself

&amp; she did it with such a sweet smile, as she leaned over &amp; whispered in my ear, "Can I use my bare hands before the session ends?"

We dated for years

She had the most amazing instinct for precision edgeplay breath control

&amp; yes, it does prolong &amp; enhance the male ******

Jane, if you're out there, Happy Hercules says hi

(She most likely reads EP withher laptop on the pillow, as she boob smothers her bf in her ample bosom, while her hands explore his throat)


She hust learnt how to beam her magic hands thru da PC screen

*gasp* *sigh* *croak* *cough* *gag* *choke* *sigh*

Juicy Jane can come again


I will choke you all you want and as hard as you want

I realy want someone to throtlift me realy hard until i pass out

I agree with you,I love being CHOKED...choke me and force me to smell your feet...

what else are you into. I love to choked anyway possible. I also love being walked over with very high heels and i love my throat being stood on aswell with high heels. I also love to be strangled til i pass out. I have a soft spot for anything regarding pain anything at all.