Bath Time Yay!!

I love being clean, staying clean and smelling clean! When i get dirty it kirks me out! It also does not help that i am a germophobe and have OCD. So i am always clean and smelling great! I love taking long bubble baths, just soaking in the tub and enjoying the hot water all around me ^_^ Showers are great too when i just want a quick wash off or just to have the water hit my body for a good two or maybe three hours.

If i am not taking a bubble bath i love to pour 'Skin so soft' in the tub! It is so nice, makes the skin smooth and it smells so pretty, i have to get more, as for smelling good i like to use: Olay, dove, oatmeal soap and Softsoap ultra rich Shea butter creme. Best soaps ever! ^_^
My mother use to tell me how much of a mermaid i was 'cause of how long i would be in the tub getting clean. I can seriously stay in there for hours. I am the queen of clean, Lol!

I wash my hair twice and my body three times. As for my hands i will not get into that one, Lol. As the saying goes "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"
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See that is cool though you don't have to worry about buttons in the way! Just walk in the tub and that's it, Lol. Very awesome though! ^_^<br />
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Hahaha!! Damn! Now i gotta rewrite it now! XD<br />
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Hope you have a great day Nudy! :)