Last Friday Night

I guess the appropriate word to describe it would be INCREDIBLE! My fiancée knows that I like things a little rough but it's only on rare occasions that he accommodates it. He must have been feeling a little feisty. I had my back to him and he was rubbing my body, my ****, my *****, my ***. My head was turned and we were kissing. I was sucking his tongue in like I would do his **** later when all of a sudden he spanks me – and hard – again and again. It caught me by surprise and I gasped but loved every second of it.

He spanked me until I had red welts and he was exhausted. Then he leaned down and licked and sucked my ******* (which is his favorite thing to do). He moved back up behind me and pulled my head around for another deep, hard kiss and shoved his **** in my ***.

It hurt. My natural reaction was to move away until my body could get used to the size of his **** in my ***, but he held me tight and pushed harder as he demanded in my ear “You better not move. Take it! Don’t move away from this ****!” over and over as he pounded my *** deeper and deeper and I held myself against him through the pain.

As soon as I heard his voice, his demands, my already wet ***** was dripping. It wasn’t long before I was moving my *** back to meet his thrusts and allow for deeper penetration. He ****** my *** until he came and then he rolled me onto my back and bit and sucked and abused my **** and ***** as he finger ****** me and I sucked his ****. I am playing with my **** and he is ******* my mouth. I come and then he sticks his **** in my ***** and ***** me hard and fast as he bites my neck and ear and shoulder. I claw his back and ride him until we both scream out and explode in ecstasy.

Where did that come from? I don’t know but I loved it! I sent him a text a few minutes ago saying “Do you remember Friday night? ;) I want you to rape me.” And his reply was “I think… I can swing that. ;)”

I can’t wait!! :)
Mel520 Mel520
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3 Responses Aug 18, 2011

Yes, how do you get your man to be extra aggressive? I keep trying to give hints that i like rough sex, and to be totally controlled....

I bought a little kit that had a cute little paddle in it and spanked him with it a couple of times and then he did the same and I guess he liked it because now I don't have to say anything.

Damn. How do I get my man to do this...

Would love to find a girl like you. Maybe one of these days.