How It Started

I was 18.left home.headed for California.I had a hard time making a living,things were expensive,jobs limited.I was life guard at the beach of a big hotel and club with a private beach. I met a very attractive couple,they flirted with me,I was handsome,well built,and intelligent.bought me some drinks after work, told me they needed someone to do yard work,maintain the pool and do some handywork around the house.I was impressed,we got in their plane and flew to their remote home,more like a mansion in the desert.They gave me the tour,outlined my duties,and I noticed the two young beautiful girls,scantily clad,but both wearing collars,,out by pool.They said just do your job and dont get involved with the girls.Well,after I was there a couple days they told me if I was interested in a permanant position there with benefits,that I would have to agree to be sent out for training.They flew me to a BDSM traing school were I met my first Female Dom..After two weeks in the dungeon,I was full flegged submisive sex slave.They picked me up and put me to ggod use as soon as we all returned hoime.They collared me and  informed me that now that I was trained,and sworn to secrecy,the fringe benefits start.The master of house,was gone a lot on business trips.So she used me a her boy toy while he was gone,,sometime as a third when he was home.Theu were a bit sadistic,mixing the pain and humilation with the pleasure.They would order me to have sex with the girls,sometimes they would film  the orgies,I think they sold the films for profit.Anyway,they would often have their wealthy friends over for parties,more like orgies.The collared girls and I would serve up drink,snacks,were trained to give sensual massages,and were used by the guests to serve their desires and  fetishes.Some of them were really creative,left nothing to the imagination and most were filmed.You would not believe the celebrities,CEOs and politicians involved that you get to meet and how some that you think are so vinilla are the most perverted.If you ever said a word,you would have a nasty accidential death!I remember the time they brought in a half dozen large dogs,We were filmed giving the dogs oral,and then tied to benches,***** and ******* up.for the dogs to lick and then ****.They enjoyed watching and filming this and did it often.The girls seemed to really get off when the dogs came in them,sometimes they were locked together for a half hour or more.If you ever see dogs running around with stockings on their feet,you wil know what is up.The job paid well,we ate well, and we had nice rooms.Well that is what started it all,I was eventually given away to another wealthy couple and went on from there.Being controlled is addictive,you need it to feel fullfilled,and it can be profitable at same time,but the best times are the ones you choose because of an attraction just for the mental pleasure you get from giving or being controlled.

new2biway new2biway
61-65, M
Feb 22, 2010