Desperate Office Girl

This is fantasy based on my interests and the stories here at EP

Ellen paced around her office, she was pacing because sitting was getting very uncomfortable. The reason for the discomfort was simple, she was bursting for a **** and being particular about where she went for one she didn't want to use the toilets at work.
When had she last gone? she couldn't remember, it must have been days but it hadn't bothered her, it most certainly was now.

Only ten minutes then she can leave, then after just a short bus journey she'll be home, she couldn't wait. The turd felt huge inside her and very long and now with the anal contractions getting more frequent and more intense it felt like it would very soon be coming out, suitable toilet or not.

Finally time to leave, as she stepped outside the office Ellen worried as now she'd be in public, as she crossed the car park she practiced walking straight with a straight face - easy at first but then with a new push from inside her she had to stop moving and compose herself but not for long, seeing her bus coming round she had to move again, with every step feeling like her *** was going to burst, every swing of each leg feeling like that would be the end of it, if she lost control there would be no way her slim panties and short skirt combo would be able to conceal the accident.

Getting on the bus she sat in the only available seat but soon wished she hadn't, she sweated as she felt her anus take advantage of her seated position and try to rid itself of the big ****, she was unable to stop her legs shaking as she fought to keep herself from ********, this was no good she'd have to stand.

Pretending it was to offer another passenger the seat she stood which momentarily eased the situation, but not for long.

It started with a tinge of pressure from her anus, Ellen stood mortified as she felt it grow an spread to her stomach, there was something about the way it felt that told her 'this is it, it's coming out', she rang the bell to get off at the next stop and moved towards the door, the pressure got worse and soon the leg shaking was back. As the bus slowed she paniced as she felt the sensation of her anus opening and the stinging of the wide tip emerging, the feeling was so intense now there was no way she could stop herself.

The bus stopped and she walked off, with each step she felt the **** emerge more, it was hugely wide and very hard, she could take it no longer, there were some people around down the street but she was past caring, Ellen reached down and ripped her panties aside and pushed hard bringing the thick log out of her, it inched its way out until the tip was level with her knees before breaking off, the feeling of release after all the holding and resisting was bliss.

When she finished she glanced around, two men stood halfway down the street behind her with their mouths hanging, she walked briskly into a nearby park out of sight then continued home.
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Oct 27, 2010