Couldn't Hold It

I've always like to take a good ****, something about it just feels so good. I've use enemas for years, the feeling of trying to hold it all in is great, but tried something new. I bought some glycerin suppositories and Monday I tried them out. Mondays I work alone at an auto shop, I decided not to poop that morning and go to work with a full load. at about 10am I decided to try them out and went to the bathroom and squirted on of the glycerin suppositories up my ***. the urge to **** was almost instant ! I pulled my pants up and went back to work. I fought the urge by clamping my *** shut and after about 15 minutes the urges had eased up. I was on a limited time to get this done, my wife was bringing me lunch at 11am. So after about 20 minutes had passed I went the bathroom and shot another suppository up my ***. Oh my ******* god!!!! the urge to **** was so intense I didn't know if I would make it out of the bathroom. I pulled my pants back up and went back into the shop. I could even begin to work on cars, I walked around hold my ******* tight wondering if I was going to **** my self, the feeling was amazing. after about ten minutes of this I went into the bathroom and pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet. I at there clenching my ******* shut with all the effort I had, holding the toilet, shaking, sweating. After 5 minute of this my ******* quivered and I felt the **** ooze out but quickly clamped my *** shut again, It happened again, I could hold back no longer and the **** exploded out of my *******, the contents of my bowels emptied into the toilet. I lost complete control and sat there as my *** took over contraction after contraction hit me, I **** so hard I almost passed out. when the I was done I stood and stream of *** dripped from erect **** and landed on the floor. next week I'm going to try and not **** all weekend so on Monday my *** will be so full and I'll wait until after lunch so I can have more time to enjoy
Duggindung Duggindung
46-50, M
Jan 8, 2013