Need For Protection

After my last experience I thought I should get some protection. I stopped by one of the local Walgreen's and bought some men's certainty underwear, and more glycerin suppositories. Friday morning I skipped my regular ****, but instead chose to see if I could hold it all day. through out the day the urge to go was strong, but I was able to control it. once when I was working on a Chevy truck removing the intake manifold I thought I was going to **** my self. I was on my knees up on the front cowl bent over the engine when I felt poop oozing from my butt hole. Through out out the day I would feel **** leak out of me and make a sticky mess between my *** cheeks and would need to go to bathroom and freshen up.

Finally at about 5:00 pm everyone had gone home and I'm alone at the shop. I go get my supplies from my car and head to the rest room. The certainty underwear look a little light for the job but at this point its all I've got. I put them on and squirt two shot of glycerin up my ***. the urge to go is immediate, but the point is to wait and see how long I can hold back.

I go back into the shop and start cleaning up the mess from the day of repairing cars. As I walk about putting things away I'm hit with urge after urge but manage to hold back. At one point I go outside and walk round the block, when I get back out front of the shop to the busy street packed with cars, and I think about standing there on the side walk and ******** myself in front all these people. As I stand there I'm hit with strong urge to go and clamp my *** tight, once the need to go passes I head back to the shop across the parking lot and almost fill my pants, needing to stop several times or risk ******** my self. I finally make back to the safety of the shop and lock the door behind me.

I start to head to the restroom knowing that I wont be able to hold the next urges back, I'm within ten feet of the door when I loose control, I feel the **** erupt out of my *******, my knees buckle and I drop to the ground on all fours. my body pushing , I feel the underwear fill with my **** and spread across my ***. I stand trying to get to the restroom and feel liquid running down my legs, I get in the rest room and drop my pants to I don't soil them, I stand there and fill the underwear more. after what seemed like for ever I recover myself and start the process of clean my **** cover ***. when I'm done it's 5:50pm
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I'm still try to find a good diaper. currently using Walgreen certainty's but they don't hold up well. I've got on a pair I've been ******* in since 3 pm and there done at 5pm