Another Monday

today is Monday, the day I'm all alone at work, other than customers coming and going, a few parts delivery people, I've got the place to myself. I didn't **** yesterday - Sunday, and I haven't gone today either. later today, hopefully around 3:00 I'll put on my protective underwear, shoot one shot of glycerin up my ***, go back to work. then about 30 minute later I'll shoot another up my ***, I'll try for another 20-30 minutes later and then hopefully go for a third dose.

10:00 am so far so good, My *** is to full it hurts, I've had **** cramps all morning, but no leakage out my ***.

11:12am My wife brings me some lunch, nice greasy deep fried fish, the grease have my guts rumbling and the urge to **** is almost over whelming.

12:16 I need to **** but when I try I can't relax enough or I'll ****, guess I'll just hold it and see what happens

1:32 test drive a car. I can hardly stand to sit, the pressure on my bowls is painful. I really need to **** !

2:09 I need to **** so bad, go to the bathroom and finally ****, thank god but my as is rumbling, the pressure is huge, might not make it to the glycerin.

3:15 finally get the chance to put on protective underwear, not sure if its going to hold the whole load, thought I'd better get them on not sure how much longer I can hold out. I start drinking pop to fill my badder up nice and full.

3:40 had to order parts for job that came in late in the day. waiting for parts to be delivered before my first shot of glycerin, the urge to **** keeps coming and going strong, but I want to be not in control of it and at this point I could just **** by letting my *** hole relax.

4:08 the parts arrive I decide to put on an extra pair of the Walgreen's under wear, and I give myself a dose of glycerin. the urge to **** is almost unstoppable now. I go back to work, wave after wave hits me, I have to stop several times, cross my legs and clamp down as hard as I can to keep from ******** my self.

4:35 I finish the job I'm working on and park it out side, I drop my pants, get on my hands and knees and shoot a second dose of glycerin up my *** right in the middle of the shop. urges hit me so hard know I know I'll never get to a third dose, as it was brown liquid was dripping from my *** when I shot the second dose up, all I can so now is clamp my *** tight, I walk around inside the shop, squeezing tight, the urges die down but never stop. I go over to my tool box to try and put some tools away. Then I'm hit with the most powerful urge yet, I clamp tight, cross my legs but this time I can't stop it, my *** hole is forced open, I grab the tool box to keep from collapsing to the floor. I stand there feeling the **** flow out of me, filling my underwear full. when I think I'm done I head to the bathroom, but **** is still coming out of my *** as I walk.

I get to the bathroom and pull down my work pants so that I don't soil. I'm on my knees, face on the floor, the **** is still being pumped out me, this goes on for about five minutes. I finally think I've got control and unlace my boots and slide my pants off when my body force more **** out me, as I'm ******** I feel the **** filling the underwear also. I finally stop ******** and *******, I pull of the underwear, they are so full I can't believe the held it all. I can't wait until next monday!
Duggindung Duggindung
46-50, M
2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Sounds GREAT!!! I will take a laxative so I can make a really big mess in my pants!

I would love to be there next Monday when you **** yourself, I will be ******** my pants at the same time!

come on over and will fill or pants together