Most Desperate I've Ever Been.

Hi Group,

Quick intro, I'm female, 43 and I love the feeling of being desperate to poop and the eventual release, also I just love the feeling of my *** being stretched, it seems strange that there's a place to share this but I feel like sharing so I'll give you one of my experiences, if people read then maybe I'll share more :-)

The most desperate I've ever been actually ended up with me getting more than I bargained for, a lot more, this was a year ago and I have never done this since.

I don't like to be desperate to **** when I'm working, I have an office job and people can see me all the time but when I'm not working its ok, normally I can hold it for 3-4 days with a weekend at the most desperate end days, but once when I had a week off I decided I was going to use the opportunity to try to hold a **** in for a week, I knew that the eventual poop would be huge and the pleasurable deperation intense so I took a dump the Sunday night before my week off and decided not to go again until the next Sunday, if I lost it and **** myself during the week then that would be kinky and since I live alone I'd have privacy.

Monday was nothing much to report. I decided to eat as usual and see what happened. During the day I didn't really feel the urge to go even after meals so on Tuesday getting impatient I decided to eat more, that day a while after lunch I felt an urge but nothing special, I could **** if I wanted to but it was no trouble not to, similarly I felt the need to go after my evening meal.

Wednesday things started to step up. I felt stronger urges after breakfast which was a large breakfast following on from Tuesdays eating plan, the extra food I had must have now been playing a part as through the afternoon after lunch I started getting the urge to go between meals too these on and off urges were not too bad, but the post-meal pushes were starting to feel nice, I was having to clench harder now but I was in no danger of having an accident or giving up.

Thursday things started to get more difficult, after waking I felt slight stomach pains and noticed that my belly seemed bulged out but no great urges I decided to have another large breakfast though and shortly following that I got the first big push, the kind where I get a strong urge to **** which then fades but not completely before pushing against my *** again stronger, usually in these situations I eventually pass  gas and the feeling dies down, thats what happened here but throughout the morning I had stomach pains and the random urges to go were now stronger to the point where I was having to clench hard to fight them off, it felt as though the **** pushing right against my ******* was firmer than the day before too. This would normally be where I'd eat a lot that day and then maybe **** that night or try for one more day, I chose to eat just normally today as the urges were getting stronger and I still had three days to go after this one

The Thurday evening brought stomach cramps and more persistant and stronger urges. after my evening meal I was hit with an urge and while clenching my hole I realised I was clenching my toes too which is something I find I start doing when I really need to go to the toilet, the evening carried on like this and the poop against my hole felt even firmer - good - I prefer my hole to be stretched by a firm wide **** rather then doing a soft one.

For the pleasurable experience of the urge feeling I started to push on purpose when there was no urge to start the ball rolling but then clench when my colon took over from me. I went to bed and played around with this a bit before dozing off thinking about how under normal circumstances I would either **** now or tomorrow morning, the **** felt big and firm already and usually they are for me after this long.

When I woke on Friday I straight away felt the urge to go to the toilet, heh no such luck I told myself.

This was the longest I'd gone without a **** and being cocky I figured I'd eat a big breakfast again today.

Shortly after breakfast I felt the familliar feeling of an urge coming on, I was excited to see how strong this one would be in my longest-time-since-poop to date state, the initial urge hit and had me clenching my ******* hard, my stomach started cramping bad, I rubbed one hand across it soothingly then the urge to **** hit worse, I bent forward with the cramping and held onto the kichen counter to steady myself, clenching my teeth, toes and *** hard with the pain. This was some of the worse **** pains I'd felt and I was loving it.

I wanted to eat more this time to make it more intense (hey maybe I'm just wierd) but I felt full, I decided that I wouldn't be able to be around people like this as there was no way I'd be able to hide the fact I was bursting for a **** if an urge hit and guessing that the situation was only going to get more desperate over time I realised that today I'd have to go into town and buy all the food for Saturday and Sunday as walking the streets at the weekend was looking like an unlikely event.

Before going out I decided to shower, the urge to **** was still strong and everytime it died down I'd push on purpose just to fire things up again, I went on like this as I undressed and then stood and looked in the bathroom mirror, naked and horny with my belly bulging. I was so tempted to just **** right then and there while watching in the mirror but I stopped that line of thought by telling myself "You've come this far, you should go all the way and just imagine how the urges are going to feel by then". Before getting into the shower I allowed my *** to open a bit during a 'quiet period' so I could use a finger to get an idea of how firm the poo was, from the way the urges felt I expected quite firm, I was right - my finger felt like it was being pressed against nearly set clay, i'd have had to push quite hard to sink my finger into it (I'm not into playing with or touching ****, but this gave me a good idea of how firm the eventual **** would be) and I knew because I'd read somewhere that the longer you hold a **** in the firmer it gets as your intestines remove water from it.

While showering I thought about how I'd love it if on Sunday when ******** I found that it was too firm for me to snap the **** off by clenching.

As breakfast got futher away the poo-pains became less frequent and intense but the random urges were stonger than ever, about as strong a post-meal urges were a few days ago and I had the constant feeling of needing to go to the toilet, I loved it.

Since I felt so horny and in no danger of having an accident I left the house with no underwear on, the idea that I could lose it and **** with no panties made me more horny but I had the safe knowledge that I wasn't going to **** myself since even the strong urges at breakfast were holdabe though very pleasurable.

I did my shopping and decided that rather than use up some of the food I'd brought I'd eat in town at a restaurant so that when I got home there'd be a whole new set of powerful contractions to deal with, knowing that I very likely wouldn't go anywhere on the weekend and so couldn't easily get more food I decided I have one last large meal in town, in hindsight this was very very careless.

I sat down at a table in a well known pizza chain and chose a salad starter then a medium pizza (I never finish a large unless with friends) and also a drink.

As the waiter took my order with all the usual pleasantries I wondered what he'd do if I just stood on the table and **** on it, not that I ever would but it was kinky to think about, it made me more horny knowing that he had no idea that I was without underwear and hadn't taken a crap in 5 days.

The whole time I'd been out I'd had uncomfortable poo-pains and not being able to clutch my stomach and clench my teeth so easily in public made things harder, my starter came and I finished it quick, I reckoned that I'd be feeling that in about an hour. no such luck.

I was on my second pizza slice (of 8) when a strong urge hit, I clenched and hoped this time that it'd go away - there'd be time for all this at home, it didn't. My stomach cramped and I had to lean forward in my chair as the urge to **** got stronger. I couldn't visibly be fighting the urge to go but I couldn't help my *** and legs shaking as I sat, the pushing got worse, the feeling was amazing but at the same time I had to clench my teeth with the pain as I did I noticed that I was clenching my free hand too, I really really needed to go to the toilet. I moved my skirt under me so I was sitting on it rather than the seat in case any stains were to be made.

The loo entrance was at the other side of the room and I berated myself for not having thought about this before I sat, there's no way I was going to risk standing up and walking, ok I probably would make it to the toilet but I'd be a sight as I limped across the room clutching my stomach and clenching everything that would clench, besided I was still determined to make the seven days.

I needed to finish eating and leave, at home I was free to double-up, clench, scream, but not here,

Four slices gone and another strong surge of urge hit, my whole body shook fighting it, what a feeling I've never needed to go so bad, problem is I'm not going to able to finish eating and worse I need to pay which involves dealing with the waiter in this state, I make eye contact with him when the urge subsides and make the universal symbol for 'bill please' by rubbing my thumb against my fingers.

I take a debit card out of my purse which the waiter notices and goes off to get the machine, as he stands there sorting the payment out I feel another push coming, "no hurry up, hurry up" I think as the push gets stronger, with the waiter standing next to me I don't dare shake or visibly clench but I can't help fidgeting in my seat, he hands me the chip and pin pad and as I type I feel a terrible push, I try fighting it by only clenching my *** but the pain is too strong, in a desperate moment knowing that not much can emerge since I'm stitting and the **** is firm I release my clench a bit and allow the tip to emerge in an attempt to get rid of some pressure, he hands my card back and I try to avoid eye contact as I say "Thanks". I still have some drink left so it won't seem wierd if I'm still sat there after paying for a while as hey I could just be finishing my fizzy cola.

He walks off and for some reason I choose to relax rather then clench up. I feel my hole get spread wide as the head of the poo pushes against my skirt, oh this feels so big, so wide and it occurs to me that it's going to hurt when I **** eventually, it also occurs that I may not make it to Sunday.

I sit in this mixture of agony and ecstasy for just a few seconds before pushing myself down into the seat and trying really hard to close my hole, in the end I put a hand under my skirt and push the **** back as I clench, this works but the pain is still quite intense, nevertheless I get up and start moving as I know that this will only get worse, now cursing my overconfidence. 

The walk home is five minutes, but it's five minutes of trying desperately not to look like my *** is about to explode, the urge hasn't subsided and frequently flares up causing me to walk funny and clench my teeth, I don't care, I start sweating, all I want is to get home.

I get the key in the door and get inside. after closing the door I bend double  clutching my stomach and let out a 'nnnngghhhh' grunt. my legs are squeezed together and shaking, I totter into the flat and just stand in my bedroom fighting the urge back, the feeling is incredible and now that I'm not in public I don't care how I look or whether I lose control and have an accident.

I decide that if I want to make it a week I'd better not eat much more until I want the huge desperation feeling on Sunday.

The rest of friday passes with me fighing off urges when they come but I don't eat again and won't until Saturday morning, for the rest of the day it never gets as bad (good?) as just after the pizza.

Saturday morning. Walking downstairs I take stock of the situation, my *** feels heavy, my stomach aches.

I know that if I have any kind of breakfast I'm very likely going to get **** pains that go beyone anything I've felt before, even though it's getting painfull the thought still makes me horny, what is it about pain and pleasure?

I have some breakfast, but just rounds of toast nothing else, still that gets a response after a short while, but about the same as yesterday, I pass Saturday watching films on the movie channels and enjoying the exquisite feeling in my ***, I decide that it would be ok to just loose control and have a genuine accident and may try to bring that about, I dont eat until just before bed when I'm so hungry I have to have something, just a bowl of pasta with sauce though.

Asleep, I'm dreaming that I'm dying to ****, I wake and realise that a huge urge to poo has taken me, damn pasta, in my half awake state I feel my *** being forced open, I can't clench in time to stop it opening and the same feeling of being stretched open wide from yesterday returns, still lying on my back I reach down and am able to confirm what my *** is telling me, I'm starting to ****. It's so hard to stand up, as I roll onto my stomach a cramp takes hold and I feel **** sliding slowly out of my ***, it's so wide and firm now that the feeling brings a wave of pleasure to me, but I don't want it to end like this. I get up on all fours in bed and a little more **** forces its way out, I've never needed to go so badly now.

I manouver off the bed and stand as best I can, reaching down again I feel about an inch of thick **** poking out, there's no way this is going back up.

In beautiful agony I waddle to the bathroom, pausing for a massive push from my *** which to my surprise doesn't bring more poo out as I try to hold it in.

After making it to the bathroom I try to clench my anus as hard as I can while wrapping my right hand in toilet paper, I reach down with the paper covered hand and break off the hanging **** as I clench my *******, Instantly the **** inside me tries to force its way out and I remain standing enjoying the fight which goes on for about half an hour. exhausted and bursting to poop I get back to bed, I don't get much sleep.

Sunday, the last day. this is it and I'm going to enjoy it, I'll probably not get into this state again or at least not anytime soon, I put on some loose fitting clothers, including underwear this time.

As soon as I'm dressed I eat, I eat a lot. There have been constant pains since last night now but shortly after eating I feel something big building up, the now famillair urge to **** comes in and as usual I hold it in, as it gets stronger I find myself once again reduced to shaking and clenching everything but it doesn't stop there. I feel my *** begin to dilate and I cannot remain sitting down so I stand and grab my stomach with one hand and put the other agianst a wall for support, my legs are jelly as another wave hits me and forces me to let out a 'nnnnnngggghhh' noise, as it intensifies I clench harder 'nnnnnnnngghhhaaah' my whole body is shaking now and I'm sweating. I take my hand from my belly and slide it into my knickers to start teasing myself in the situation but soon find my hand going past my ***** to my ***, I feel the tip of the enormous **** poking through.

As I feel this the urge to go gets stronger, with my hand I feel as my sphincter muscles give up and my *** stretches wide to reveal what it so desperately needs too get rid of,

I wonder if I could actually make it to the bedroom like this and start waddling off. being unable to clench my anus anymore I have my buttocks pressed firmly together which means I cannot move very quickly but I make it, as I enter another huge surge from my *** comes and I'm again bent double, the act of bending opens my buttocks and I need to see what I look like, I turn on the spot till my *** is pointing to the bedroom mirror, looking over my shoulder I see my *** stretched wide and the huge head of poo sticking out, the urge continues and now I have no way of stopping unless I can sit down on something, I try the bed, not a good idea it's too soft.

'AAAAGGHHHHH' unbelievably I feel the **** getting wider as it comes, not by much but now its definitely the widest my ******* has ever been spread, 'NNNNNNNNGGGHGHH' I grunt loud as I sit on the bed, my eyes are streaming with water and I cannot help banging my feet against the floor as the **** emerges, I realise that I'm not really fighting anymore there should be nothing to stop it coming out. 'AAAAAAGGHHHNNNNGGGGHHH' I scream as the biggest urge yet hits, I start working my ***** frantically as another half inch or so emerges, this is going slowly.

Thats it, I can't take it, I try to stop all resistance and let the inevitable happen, which it doesn't, the pressure from my *** is so strong now but the **** is barely making progress, now I try to ****, I try to push it out but I can only push it a small way more.

Both panic and bliss take me as it occurs that I cannot easilly ****, it's just too big and firm for that, in waiting this long I've semi-constipated myself, I'm in a state of real desperation now.

I squat on the floor and push, the pain is ecstacy (if that makes sense) as I manage another inch or so, I reach down and feel the rock hard wide column of **** coming from me, 'NNNNNNGGGGHHHHHHAAAA' is now scream as I push harder, bringing another inch or so out right into my hand, 'NNNNNNGGGGHHHHHH' as I push and feel more solid **** slide though my hand, I need to see myself in the mirror so painfiully I stand and turn round, there is a column of **** about 3 inches long now hanging from me, it's easilly thicker than any **** or ***** I've had up there, there's no chance whatsoever of me snapping it off with my anus, those muscles ran out of steam long ago now, if I want it breaking off I must do it by hand. I decide not to.

Another urge strikes, not me pushing this time, the **** makes no progress so I push, literally screaming with both pain and pleasure but make no ground, what the **** am I going to do, I can't exactly go out for laxatives.

In the past when I'd been constipated a friend suggested a warm bath before toilet to soften both anus and **** and make the whole thing easier and it had worked, but could I really do that here, run a bath in this state and then pretty much just **** in the bath? what else could I do.

I staggered, grunting, dancing and squirming to the bathroom, my *** killing me the entire time and ripped the hanging **** off with my hand and put it in the toilet, this allowed my anus to close but the desperate urge to **** remained, there was still a lot inside me but it wasn't coming out it was stuck. I was absolutely desperate to ****.

I got into the bath and ran the taps, all I could do was ly there and push, waiting for everything to soften up enough to come out, at first nothing so i tried not to push and just enjoyed this last session of intense poo-pains that had been building all week, with some of the **** gone the pains subsided for a while then about 15minutes into the bath an urge tore my *** wide and I felt the ecsquisite feeling of thick, long **** sliding out of me, it was all so dirty, so disgusting and yet so kinky that I mastubated furiously as it slid from me, after it left I felt a massive fart tip from me making bubbles everywhere.

The remaining length was about 12inches in total, but at the widest point it cant have been narrower than a big thick can of bodyspray.

I felt so light, so free afterwards, I cleaned up, had a long shower and went about my day smiling although it hurt to sit for good while.

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

WOW what a deliciously outrageous story! This very much reminds me of a very cool girl I know who, I found out long ago, 'suffers' from constipation, she knows I know, and sort of seemed to want me to know aswel at the time she told me. The thing is, I recently bumped into her again, and we had a brief but very intense conversation, (she has a new lover who is living far away, and she's planning to go live there), we hit it off like crazy and right there in this magical room on the couch we had one of the nicest cuddles ever which we both were equally as much in need of, she told me ooohw I RRREALLY needed some acceptance I was feeling so insecure, thank you! (she's the most independent chick I know she does a one woman show with singing and guitar, verrry cool!)
Well I ended up touching her belly, massaging it, holding her tight engulfing her curves with my curves, feeling up the insides of her certainly not empty stomac. (back in the day I was told the time in between her poopings was weeks rather than days!..) And then when we both decided we should move along and get up, just after rubbing and her fully relaxing, consiously offering me her stomac to grab and feel up, pushing on it massaging it knowingly, then right after that when she told me GOD I needed that, she .. FARTED, and I just took the longest sniff to take in her darkest secret, while grabbing her one last time.
We both enjoyed the smell of her fart en we looked at each other, no words need to be said, while the room around us filled up with this earthy mature poop smell, that was way over due to pass as a normal fart, I exactly smelled what I expected, and it happend so naturally that we both made full contact with it.
It smelled like a pre-poop fart, but not the soft one, no the hard and fat one, the one that's in there from the day it was formed, which could well be a week ago!

And you know what, I liked it, I liked it ALOT and it was THE MOST intimate sensation I've had with a girl in years!

Thanks Leonie. !

I loved your story quite a feat.Myself I prefer the softer spreadable poos in my panties but to each his own.yours is a fantastic story congrats

u should **** in ur pants its so awesome and fun and love it also keep those pants and undies on 4 like 2 weeks and keep ******** in them everyday