First Time

I was dominated for the first time this past weekend. My fiance and I were trying to do the whole BDSM lifestyle but I was always afriad and scared of what might happen. I decided that I didnt want to be scared anymore so I handcuffed myself and told my fiance to dominate me. When it was over my face was full of tears and I was scared out of my mind. But even though i felt the way I did and I was crying the whole time there was something about being dominated that just felt so right. It was like everything made sense. I felt peaceful and whole. I hated that I couldnt stop crying the whole time beacause my fiance thought that I didnt like it or something. I want to try it again and if I have that sereinty feeling again I know that this is what I truly want for the rest of my life.
SubmissiveMouse SubmissiveMouse
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012