Pantyhose Encasement

Everytime that i have sex or play with myself. I like be covered in pantyhose from head to toe.It feels so good to be encase in pantyhose. If you never tried this before i advice that you try it. Will make you feel so sexy.

pantyhosefreak pantyhosefreak
22-25, F
8 Responses Aug 19, 2009

I agree that it makes you feel sexy, I would love to be encased in pantyhose with someone though......Someday.

mmmmm...sounds so hot and erotic!

what more can I say?, You rock..

it is so good 2 c some ladys love nylons like us man

would love to rub pantyhosed covered bodies with you!!!! allll over!

yes it does

being covered in pantyhose does feel so good

Sounds silky. mmmmm