Maybe ;)

I get really excited when someone touches my neck .. I Have a co worker named kyle and he's a couple years older than me .. i've had the 'normal' fantasy of having sex with me co worker. but this one is deifferent . i fantasize that he comes in to the batheroom while im freshing up then he grabs my arms and pulls them behind me and puts them on his penis. while i play around he kisses and bites my neck, i get really wet really easily . so he slids his hands down my panties and plays with my **** . he tells me to turn around so i do he looks at me and kissess me down my dody . lifs me up on the sink and locks the door . he runs his tongue down my body t my vagina where he teases me for a bit the puts his tongue in there . after a bit he grabs me and throws his penis in me and pounds me so hard the mirrors break after and hour ii go down and finish the job he **** all over my face andown my neck he cleans me up and we go back to work like normal .
maybesomedayxo maybesomedayxo
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012