In Front Of Bff

When I was fifteen my boyfriend at the time and best friend were with me in a reserve, and we all started talking about sex, one thing lead to another and my boyfriend ended up fingering me without my friend noticing due to the darkness. After a while I laughed and told her what was going on, and since she was not experienced she shone a light on my ***** while I got fingered and watched as his fingers dipped into my soaking ***** and rubbed my g spot. Later she got to have a lesson on how to give a ******* as a sucked my stud off in front of her and she experimentally touched his balls.
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2 Responses Feb 21, 2013

sexy as hell!!

you were such a good... good little girlfriend. and how did your friend enjoy her education?

and how did it feel to have her give him instructions? Must have been a major turn-on