I Love Riding The Bus Now.

The bus rocked to a halt again. Start and stop. People on people off. Same expression. "Just get me home!"

Wait, there she is again.

The other day it was a blindingly white sundress and when she climbed on the sun behind her, made it practically invisible. She had on off white lacy boy shorts and a matching bra. I'm sure others noticed, but I was imagining it was all for me. That day she walked down the crowded aisle, and I shuffled up and offered her my seat. A smile lit up her face and her eyes found mine, and I fell into twin pools of depthless beauty. I could see everything in those eyes.

We rode along, time seemed to stop, the ride wasn't just a way to get home that day. I stole as many glances down her shirt as I thought I could get away with, but she looked up once as I was looking a little longer. My heart stopped, I didn't want her to be disgusted or get up and leave.

But she did neither. That same magical smile and those eyes held mine for the longest few seconds.

She shifted in her seat and took a deep, deep breath, causing her breasts to practically leap forward.

She looked away and down, then another deep breath, her hand rasied to her chin, then trailing her fingers down her chest to lightly caress as her hand ended in her lap.

I was completely exposed and could not hide, another stop, people moving, an unexpected Hard on.

She stood and I thought she was leaving, but merely gave our seat to an older woman. She stood in front of me, close to me, one hand on the bar above and the other bent holding a bag. She smelled like a cool breeze

She was looking at me and smiled, her hand grazed the front of my pants as the bus lurched forward.

"I'm sorry," I stammered.

"I'm not," she whispered, and turned her back to me and scooted back till my hard on was poking the small of her back.

The rocking of the bus caused us to sway against each other. She leaned her head back on my chest and wiggled her *** some more. It was so hot and unexpected, I came. I was breathing so heavy I was blowing her hair and almost shaking. I almost didn't know the bus had stopped and suddenly she was moving away. She turned and that smile was only for me. Her lips parted and the tip of her tongue snaked out to moisten her lips.

I could only stand there and watch her walk off. Post ****** brain still not functioning yet, when the bus lurched forward again and she was watching me drive off. My stop was the next one, but I missed it, reliving the recent events.

But that was the other day, today I was sitting near the back, and yes, I was looking for her.

Today it was a flowing black skirt that went to her knees and a white blouse, and her hair was up.

Sort of like a sexy librarian.

She walked down the aisle and saw me yearning to be noticed, and then I saw her smile brighten my world, eyes lock onto mine. She stopped in front of me and I made to stand up and she place a hand (i swear she shocked me) on my shoulder and said she would stand.

She took my hand and placed it on my knee palm up slightly hanging over the knee. She turned her back to me and stepped back till her *** was resting in the palm of my hand.

I started to lightly squeeze, but the bus choose that moment to start and I kind of grabbed a little harder than I meant to, but I saw her slightly raise her head and sigh, so I continued kneading her beautiful ***. She looked over her shoulder and whispered, "Lift my skirt a little," as she lifted her self off my hand.

When I had the back of her skirt raised enough she moved back and planted her *** back into my hand. She moved to the left a little and now my hand was in the middle of her ***. She shifted her legs a little further apart, and I could feel a wave of heat wash over my fingers.

She rolled her hips a little and I could now move my fingers further forward, her thighs were wet and my hand slid further forward to the bottom of her dripping *****. My middle finger slid in with no resistance. She leaned back and I slipped in deeper.

I could hear her take a deep breath as I pulled it out and in and out and in several times before using my other fingers to spread her moist lips apart and rub her **** with my middle finger.

Her hand flew to her mouth, as she looked sideways I could see she was biting the side of her hand to keep quite. The rocking of the bus, the danger of discovery, soon her thighs were squeezing my hand and she was *******. She practically sat on my knee, trying to catch her breath and composure.

The bus stopped and she looked back at me. She was almost staggering as she moved down the aisle to exit, taking a moment to look back to lock eyes and to see me stick my finger deep in my own mouth.

We probably didn't say 20 words back and forth, but I knew what she tasted like, and I was already looking forward to riding the bus tomorrow, hopefully watching and waiting.

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I imagined this sexy scene like a hot movie. Sexy story! thank you! :)

great story brother now finish it.

That was a sizzling hot story

Thank you. Your comments are much appreciated.

mmm what a ride..

Oh love the story, I know just how wet you made her mmmmmm. I would love to ride the bus now and I know just what to wear. Hope there is some one like you on the bus.

Damm that's hot