First Time

So...for about 4 years now, ive been big into wetting. Not just letting a little go in my pants, but ive always fantasized about having sex and being able to **** on a mans ****. Just thinking about this turns me on.

I started talking to a guy i met offline through a dating website, and turns out...he had a watersports fetish. I was shy about it, as he was the first man i have ever told about this. Well we met up, ended up dating and having sex, but we never did the watersports thing.

One night, we were out drinking at a club, i went with a friend of mine, and things got pretty raunchy so we decided to call it a night. I ended up going home with the guy i was dating, and my friend, being such a good friend ended up going home with his friend. I was pretty out of it, seeing how 2 drinks gets me drunk...and he...well he wasnt all that drunk now that i think about it.

We snuck into his room (he was living in the barracks on base) and i started teasing him. Just a little. I wanted him to get rough with me...i like it rough. Well during all this, i had to pee very bad. Im talking i was desperately holding myself and trying to shove him off me so i could use the bathroom. He told me no very roughly...and pushed me back on the bed.

We started fooling around and as soon as he put his **** inside me, the urge to go was too much. I let him know i was about to **** myself...and he said...just let it go. Let it go all over my ****. Its an amazing feeling having a nice hard **** inside you while you pee. I instantly came...shortly after i was finished peeing, he did the same.

The next morning, i woke up, naked next to him, still lying in **** from the night before...when i told him i had to go pee. He said go ahead. I got up, but he pulled me down and said no...i want you to pee right here on me. So i just let go. To my utter surprise and delight...he did the same...but aimed right onto my *****. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I only wish his **** was inside me filling me with pee.

It was literally the best time ive ever had in my life...and unfortunately the only time i was able to.

He ended up being a jerk and a week later, we broke up. To this day, i still think about that night.
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The first time I peed inside a woman it was wonderful. It was like I was massively cuming.

I love pee games during sex. I would love to meet you and play together.

terrific story, shame he turned out to be a jerk but I am sure you will find a willing partner

hello again nymfo.....<br />
your stories are making me horny, add me to your circle and i'll see you around x