Not Him, I'm Me

I'm not the guy who told you I'm the man of your dreams just to get inside your panties, I'm not the girl who told you after I got pregnant that you were just a ***** donor and I never really liked you. I am not the abusive father who punches you in the mouth or head and tells you routinely what a fat useless slob  you are regularly. I am not the mother who scoffed at your report card and told you that you could never get an A in housework.


I'm none of them - I am me. I will never willingly hurt you then again nor will I be hurt repeatedly and needlessly without cause. I will work tirelessly to build you up: to heal you or help you heal yourself, to make you laugh or at least have you remember what it means to laugh and when the last time you did was. I am a healer, guardian, champion - nurturer. I am not the sum of your past nor the past embodiment of a nightmare of the future. I am just a gentleman on a mission to heal and help those I can in the world, get a bit of help and healing myself when necessary.

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5 Responses Mar 16, 2010

You are more than that, soooo much more. big loves and hugs LMN x


Anytime...what are friends for????

You are an exceptional person, my bff!!

so you are the loving hands of healing and a band aid!