The Showers/ Changing Room At The Pool Where I Work.

The floor and walls are stone. The room itself has no door, just a brick passageway. The bathroom portion and shower portion have drains in the bottom of the floor. The wash area for both sexes is like this at the Bridgeton Community Center pool. I love to wash my body in the men's room. Naked and dripping wet, I'll finger myself while leaning up against the wall with the curtain open a small amount and quiet moans leaving my mouth. Sometimes men open the curtain to tell me I'm in the wrong room, stare awkwardly, or accidentally open it not looking and walk into the small shower area with me. Others, just stand outside the curtain, trying to sneak a peek.

I do this in the women's changing room too. But that doesn't fit this group.

I also pee on the floor close to the drain in rooms of both sexes instead of into the toliet. Since I work at the pool most just think it's water and stand around in it. It really gets me off.

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12 Responses Mar 1, 2010

We had a municipal pool just like that where I grew up, that was in the mid-fifties. Oh was fun it would have been to find you in the men's shower or peeing on the floor. That was something I always wanted to do, pee on the floor, but I never did. I wonder if there were any girls like you when I was a kid.

Id love to see and join you

I like the way you think

would like to go in the wrong shower or lockeroom and be abused by a group females

would love to ba a fly on the wall to watch and listen

wow, how on earth have you done this and never got an advance by a horny man who's in the ever so lucky position to cach you there?<br />
Has any of them made eye contact with you whilst you had your fingers between your legs?

I love it when girls come in to the men's room. Oddly enough I have no real desire to spend much time in the ladies' room, but I'm not very good at taking big risks. Maybe one day I'll try it.<br />
<br />
Really enjoyed your story, hope you keep on widdling in the men's drain!

I love this story. I would love to find a sexy woman in the locker room at the gym. It would make my day. Please add me to your circle.

Oh what a hot image you have burned into my mind!!!! I open the curtain to see you, back against the wall, on your toes, legs spread and your fingers stuffed into your *****. I am naked and start to stroke my thick **** as i watch your **********. My **** is growing stiff, and you rub your **** furiously, never taking your eyes off my **** as it stiffens and lengthens. <br />
I start to spurt huge jets of ***, which send you over the edge as a huge ****** rips through you, your head thrown back and a massive moan escapes your lips. <br />
As the last drips of *** drip from my ****, I move towards you, take your wet body in my arms and kiss you deeply, my still thick **** sliding between your thighs.<br />
You **** all over my **** as you thrust your tongue into my mouth

yummmm that may be the hottest thing i have ever heard of.

Are the guys at your gym all gay?

What would you do if a guy just decided to join you in the shower and give you a hand? What if it were me? Maybe I could help wash those hard to reach places! I could help you get that DEEP DOWN clean!